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Gaming can be quite stressful these days, with the relentless pace of shooters and high octane racers contributing to that as you compete to be the best. Sometimes though, it’s nice to sit back and embrace a more zen-like experience, which is where Feather swoops in. Get ready for a relaxing bird simulation because it’s now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Whether you want to go it alone or join other players online, Feather aims to create the ideal environment for you to unwind in. You’ll become a bird in this simulator, soaring through the skies and exploring the stunning island. There are no enemies to worry about, nor will you be in any dangerous predicaments that require the inclusion of combat. It’s just meant for partaking in a peaceful flight on your own or as one of a flock – the multiplayer aspect is completely passive, so there’s nothing to fear.

While embracing the vast open world of Feather, you’ll notice the dynamic weather system in place alongside a day/night cycle. That’s not all though, because through searching every nook and cranny, a selection of new songs can be unlocked. Alternatively, just swoop, glide, and backflip your way around these locations and have a jolly good time immersed in the role of a bird.

So, if you’re looking for a more relaxing game to add to your collection, fly over to the Xbox Store and acquire Feather for £8.39 – although if you act swiftly, there’s a special discount for a week which means it’s currently priced at £6.71. Obviously, the PS Store is another option, should that be your preferred platform. Either way, let us know whether you pick it up by leaving a comment below!

Game Description:

Feather is a relaxing bird simulation perfect for unwinding. Whether solo or with other online players, Feather will have you become a bird and explore stunning locations as you soar through the skies! No enemies, no combat, no threats – just peaceful flight by yourself or with other birds. Yes, the passive multiplayer in Feather allows you to join a flock and enjoy flying with others or just relax on your own! Explore a vast open world, finding new songs in every nook and cranny …. Immerse yourself in a beautiful island that responds to your presence with a hum, tone and rhythm beyond human comprehension.

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