E3 is a time for all manner of goodies and the latest news dropping out of the show concerns a game that will see hundreds of American, Soviet and German soldiers battling it out in massive WWII battles. That game is Enlisted and it’ll be coming to Xbox Game Preview.

In fact, it’ll be coming to Xbox Game Preview later in 2018 as Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment prepare to release it to the console public.

It will be via this Game Preview system that we will get to see the first workings of how Enlisted will shape up. Running as a squad-based MMO shooter, if you’re looking for a game that embraces hundreds of soldiers, thousands of bullets and some unique game mechanics that sees an AI controlled squad transform the traditional military multiplayer FPS game into a more realistic and chaotic warfare experience, making battles dynamic and massive in the process, then Enlisted will be for you.

Oh, and whilst we’ll see a number of different game modes present, the current favourite – Battle Royale – will also be in place.

“We want to widen the genre of realistic FPS to a bigger audience. Realism should not always mean lengthy preparation and an extended road to the first battle. Realism should be the battle conditions and weapon characteristics being close to reality, it’s in the active interaction with your team or squad, it’s in the massive battles, where you can lose hundreds of soldiers in one assault. This is what we aim for in Enlisted”, – said Alexander Polyakov, lead producer of Darkflow Software.

Whilst the Xbox Game Preview scheme will allow the game to develop over time, the version of Enlisted released initially will allow players to test out and enjoy several game modes: Invasion, Offensive, City Battle, and Battle Royale.

“Invasion” will offer battles with asymmetrical gameplay, where two teams will need to complete different tasks: one will be capturing and holding a large territory, while the second will try to liquidate all the invaders. The mode will throw players right into the heart of the battle. Each player will form and lead a squad of AI controlled soldiers. Squad members will follow players commands and provide them with additional lives – every time the main character dies, the player will get full control of the nearest soldier from their squad. This will help a player get back to the battle in a blink and participate in the combat longer.

Those who prefer a more consistent and thoughtful battle will enjoy “Offensive” mode. Here players will be able to build fortifications, drive vehicles, and use large caliber guns. The distances on the map will be greater than in “Invasion”, so the value of each decision and action will be higher. Players can also expect city battles for multiple numbers of participants.

The game will also feature a Battle Royale mode. This mode will include unique Team Battle Royale, where each of two teams will be representing one of the nations that fought in WW2, with players able to use heavy vehicles like tanks.

We will of course let you know once that Game Preview release date is known, but for now you could do a lot worse than check out some of the latest footage in the trailer below.

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