It’s time to turn everything up to 11 and hurtle down a mountainside with little care in the world – STEEP has got itself a new DLC pack and it’ll bring a whole ton of fun!

Available right now is the Adrenaline Pack for STEEP. Priced at £5.99, it gives you the opportunity to ski, slide and fly by moonlight through a number of night time challenges, kitted out with new costumes and equipped with new gear. It’s the best way to get hold of the Moonlight Pack and if you’re a fan of the snow, or just like to live life like there is no tomorrow, should be making a beeline for it now.

The Xbox Games Store awaits your cash, whilst our full review of STEEP on Xbox One awaits your perusal.

Get to it.

DLC Description:

Crank up the adrenaline with night-riding challenges and exclusive customizations in this ULC pack!FEATURES:- Moonlight Pack: 3 night challenges and 3 costumes, 2 wingsuits and equipment pack.- 2 Boards- 2 Additional Outfits- 1 Wingsuit


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