Welcome to our weekly round-up of what is due in stores on the Xbox 360 and soon Xbox One. Quite a big week for fans of multiple genres so with no further delay let’s take a gander at UK releases between 28/10/13 and 03/11/13.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox 360) – 29/10/13


No longer are you just wandering the streets, you can become Edward Kenway, a brutal pirate (ooh argh) with all the skills of an Assassin and then some. In this rather exotic themed game you may find yourself searching for treasure in true pirate style or taking underwater excursion to loot shipwrecked vessels. The Jackdaw, your own ship, will be key in fighting off enemy ships in order to claim the sea as your own. Plenty of DLC is in store too as we previously outlined in a recent article – HERE

Check out the official Launch Trailer too.

Where can I buy it? for £39.97 Inc. Pre-order Trove of Mystery Bonus



Battlefield 4 (Xbox 360) – 01/11/13


You not only have to prepare yourself for war with Battlefield 4 but a massive install as well. This is no surprise though when the usually graphically exceptional series aims to bring superior character animations, even more interactivity to environments and most importantly, environmental destruction. You may think you’ve seen it all already and then they go and introduce water-based vehicle combat which adds a whole extra dimension. Add to this an intense campaign, will you be entering the fields of war or hold off for another FPS which shall remain unnamed for now? Feel free to check out a recently released trailer – HERE

Where can I buy it? ShopTo for £39.85 Inc. DLC Pre-order Bonus



Angry Birds Star Wars (Xbox 360) – 01/11/13

Angry birds SW Packshot

The Angry Birds phenomena seems to have died down a little since it first hit App Stores worldwide, but not one to miss a trick in the market has seen one of the coolest spin-offs finally reach the consoles. Angry Birds Star Wars sees those little birdies dressed up as all your favourite characters such as Chewie, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker! Boasting over 200 levels this will seriously eat into your free time or help pass a few hours of boredom no doubt. This one also allows co-operative multiplayer which will be interesting to try, joining forces with friend to take on piggy empire. Even if you’ve played the game on another format don’t worry there are 20 levels created exclusively for consoles.

Where can I buy it? for £25.00

Angry Birds SW Screeny


WWE 2K14 (Xbox 360) – 01/11/13

WWE2K14 Packshot

The annual sports entertainment video game is nearly upon us, WWE 2k14 which is set to raise the stakes even higher than before. Forget the Attitude Era (just for a second) and think how amazing it could be to relive some of the greatest moments in 30 Years of Wrestlemania. Not only that but a whole host of new faces to wrestle with from years gone by and a few more to be added via DLC packs. From Macho Man Randy Savage and King Kong Bundy to current hot favourites Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, this could be a game to remember rather than just more of the same.

Where can I buy it? ShopTo for £36.85 Inc. Pre-order Ultimate Warrior Bonus Character

wwe-2k14 screeny

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