Agent 47 returns in the most definitive edition of the episodic HITMAN series, ensuring gamers have every piece of content previously released as IO Interactive and Warner Bros. cap off an impressive first season. Will you be suiting up as Agent 47 once more to take on a whole host of targets?

HITMAN: Definitive Edition will see you travelling across all seven exotic locations of season one, with visits to the ICA Facility, the Italian coastal town of Sapienza, the mountain peaks of Hokkaido and many more providing contracts to fulfil. You’ll find that the Summer Bonus episode has been thrown into the mix, as well as the four missions from the Patient Zero campaign. Also included are a range of outfits inspired by Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch and Mini Ninjas, alongside the choice to dress up inconspicuously as a clown and a cowboy.

Considering it contains all of the Contracts, Escalation Contracts, Challenges and game updates released to date, HITMAN: Definitive appears to be the best way to get involved if you’ve failed to do so as of yet. It’s available at retail on both Xbox One and on PlayStation 4, so head down to a local shop and BUY IT!

Does the Definitive Edition entice you in to give HITMAN a go, or are your days of being a cold-blooded killer over? Let us know via the comments or on social media!

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