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Summer buildin’ commences in LEGO Bricktales’ free update on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch

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The sun is shining, ice lollies are in the freezer, and the beach is calling. But alas, that must all be put aside, as we have some exciting news for all LEGO Bricktales fans! Following on from the Easter update, the team at ClockStone Studio have released a free Summer update, complete with a beautiful new diorama, and a number of summer puzzles for one to solve.  

Summer Needs Saving!

Coming today to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch today, following its PC release previously, LEGO Bricktales’ summer DLC throws us into a quaint summer diorama, set within a fun music festival. This blocky Glasto brings with it two new music tracks to enjoy, as well as three new wardrobe items, purchasable only through currency earnt within this diorama.

The main bulk of this DLC is the storyline, in which you will need to save this summer festival from shutting down. There’s lots that needs doing, from producing a fireworks display, to constructing the scaffolding for the speakers, and these puzzles will be solved using LEGO Bricktales’ intricate brick-by-brick building system. In total, there’s the storyline to enjoy, with five construction puzzles, and a traversal puzzle to complete also.

Key Features

  • A beautifully crafted Summer diorama
  • A storyline where you have to save a Summer music festival
  • 5 new construction puzzles
  • 1 traversal puzzle
  • 3 new wardrobe items (purchasable with a currency found only in this new world)
  • 2 new music tracks

Start Building!

LEGO Bricktales’ latest free update is now available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch and PC players. We cannot wait to get back into the game – check out our 4/5 review of the base game from October 2022. To pick up a copy of LEGO Bricktales for yourself on Xbox, the Xbox Store has you sorted for £24.99.

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