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If it’s not a gardening or farming sim, or it doesn’t involve rabbits, can it even be a game? Those behind the uber-relaxing Bunhouse obviously think not. 

We’ve had a ton of slice-of-life farming options come to market in recent times; Hokko Life, Ooblets and the like, all finding love in the gaming community. There are also – rather strangely – a decent number of ‘bunny’ games too – Bunny Parking, A Pretty Odd Bunny and the upcoming Bunny Park all on our rotating games list. 

So it makes sense to combine the two and deliver Bunhouse to the world. And that’s what Digerati and their developer friends at Reky Studios are looking to do in 2023 as they give gamers the chance to become a plant-loving bunny, hopping around in a cozy little gardening sim. 

Bunhouse is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, after gathering up some decent bits of Steam acclaim. Basically put, if you’re up for a destresser, Bunhouse should well be it. 

Why? Well, giving you the chance to take things in alone, or with up to four friends, this is a game which will let you focus on the good things in life, feeding the plants, managing a greenhouse and upgrading things as you see fit. Watching those plants thrive, growing to sell, is pretty much the overall goal of Bunhouse. 

“I originally made Bunhouse as a small project for my wife who likes bunnies and plants; I never dreamed it would reach so many people,” Gauthier says. “And now that it’s coming to all the major platforms I’m just so incredibly grateful. People seem to crave peace in today’s crazyness and I feel honored to provide them with a small world where they can experience that.”

The key features include:

  • Grow and sell plants
  • Take care of your plants
  • Order new decorations for your garden and greenhouse
  • Upgrade your greenhouse
  • Couch co-op with up to four friends

If you want to play Bunhouse right now, go and grab a hit from Steam on PC. Alternatively we’re looking at a 2023 drop onto Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. 

Keep back with the console announcement trailer and let us know what you think of this one. 

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