theHunter: Call of the Wild has already seen its players exploring the peaceful Layton Lake District and hunting in the freezing forests of Medved-Taiga National Park, but now it’s time to traverse the scrublands and lush environment of Vurhonga Savanna.

Assuming the role of a warden, you’ll need to venture out to protect the African land from poachers and other such threats. The warden’s grandfather, Njabulo Tshabangu, can’t keep up with the numerous forces that are causing harm to the reserve and so the job is left to you to ensure its safety. The Vurhonga Savanna is brimming with life and features a wide range of animals to watch and catch such as herds of the Blue Wildebeest, Springboks, Lesser Kudus and Warthogs.

Much like the other reserves, Vurhonga Savanna measures a striking 25 square miles (64 square kilometers) and it’ll allow you to choose your own path to discover its beauty, wonders and dangers. Alternatively, you can give more purpose to the experience by following the intriguing new story with 16 new narrative missions, 32 side missions and 14 warden missions to play through.

As with the previous paid DLCs, players that don’t own the content themselves can still take part in a multiplayer game set in Vurhonga at no extra cost, simply by finding a player that owns it and then joining their game. It’s a great way to have a quick gander to see what you think of new area. Should you wish to own it though, theHunter: Call of the Wild – Vurhonga Savanna DLC is priced at £5.59 on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One.

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DLC Description:

Humming with life, the open world of Vurhonga Savanna Reserve offers 25 square mile (64 square kilometer) to explore and hunt in. Featuring 16 new narrative missions, 32 side missions and 14 warden missions, players can go at it alone or with friends. Players who don’t own the DLC can still experience a multiplayer game set in Vurhonga Savanna at no cost, by finding a player who owns it and simply joining their game.


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