Bored of racing around on skis? Need a change from the madness of the wingsuit? The Steep Extreme pack is here and it takes the game to a whole new level.

Priced at £7.99, the Steep Extreme Pack will give you the chance to head off on a whole new adventure, as you get to take in a new story via three new sports. It’ll see you able to strap on some Rocket Wings, leap like Lemmings during some Base Jumping activities and hit those lines you thought were previously inaccessible with Speed Riding.

But that’s not all as even more daredevil challenges are being implemented by the team at Ubisoft as they ensure Steep players are never able to complain about the amount of content on offer. Oh, and new and exclusive customisation items are also present. What’s not to like!?

For the small price point, it seems like the Steep Extreme DLC pack is delivering plenty of content. If you agree and fancy giving it a go, then you should make your way to the Xbox Games Store now. It might also be worth your while in hitting up our full review of the game too.

DLC Description:

Take your STEEP experience to a whole new level, join the Icarus crew in a new story and own the skies with 3 adrenaline-fueled new sports, additional challenges and new customisation items included in the Extreme Pack! FEATURES: – 3 New Sports : – Rocket Wings : Explore the mountains with this incredibly high speed device – Base Jumping : Take exploration to higher stakes – Speed Riding : Previously impossible lines are now yours to create – Brand new challenges – Exclusive new customisation items

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