It may not be proper Fable, but if you’re looking for a card based title that is set in the iconic world of Albion, then you need look no further than Fable Fortune. And today we are seeing those card collecting opportunities increase with the Albion All Star Bundle.

Priced at £19.99 and available right now from the Microsoft Store, the Fable Fortune Albion All Star Bundle might not be the cheapest DLC pack in the world, but it will allow you the chance to increase your card collection with 30 new card packs and a curated mix of 6 high rarity, iconic cards.

It is the latter which is the most exciting of prospects here too as the All Star Bundle builds on some of the lesser known characters from the entire Fable franchise. You’ll find Scythe from Fable 2, the Earth Troll from Fable: The Journey, Lord of Bowerlake, Colin Mk 2 of Fable 3 fame, Banshee of Fable and the Rosewood Orge previously discovered in Fable Legends.

With the 30 card packs delivering no less than an extra 150 cards to the table, if you’re looking to take your Fable Fortune experience on to the next level, or just want some new cards to mess around with, the Albion All Star Bundle should be a purchase you are making.

DLC Description:

Take your card collection a step further, with this exciting bundle containing 30 additional card packs and a curated selection of 6 high rarity, iconic cards. Chosen for both their exciting gameplay prospects as well as giving some representation to some familiar but lesser known faces of the Fable franchise, our All Stars Bundle includes: – Scythe, from Fable 2 (Fabled rarity) – Earth Troll, from Fable: The Journey (Mythic rarity) – Lord of Bowerlake, a Fortune morality card (Mythic rarity) – Colin Mk 2, from Fable 3 (Epic rarity) – Banshee, from Fable (Epic rarity) – Rosewood Ogre, from Fable Legends (Epic rarity) On top of this, 30 card packs will bestow an extra 150 cards! Whether you’re looking for new ways to play, or simply bolster those custom decks with more options – this is a strong way to go for seasoned Heroes seeking their Fortune!

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