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There’s a new game out today on Xbox 360 and it could just be something you’ll be wanting to play over the coming weekend.

Takedown: Red Sabre has been available on PC for a little while already but now the thinking mans shooter comes to Xbox 360 for £11.99. In complete contrast to the usual run and gunners, Red Sabre rewards those who take things slowly, aim carefully and tactically plan their moves. With the promise of non-linear environments allowing for multiple routes, Takedown: Red Sabre should see plenty of replayability and offers something slightly different from the usual shooters.

There’s also the promise of up to 16 players in multiplayer and an interested 2-6 player co-op mode to get your teeth into.

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Game Description:

Fight smart in lethal close-quarter tactical combat. Non-linear environments mean engagements change every time you play. Tactics and realism rule the day.

If you’re interested in checking out Takedown: Red Sabre, you can pick up a free trial or the full game for £11.99 from the Xbox Games Store right now.

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