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Taking a walk along the Path of Titans on Xbox


“Welcome to Jurassic Park” – the iconic line spoken by John Hammond in the original movie. A line that rang through my head with each new biome that was discovered while roaming the plains, rivers and mountains of Panjura in Path of Titans.

Path of Titans is an MMORPG by Australian studio Alderon Games. Originally released to mobile devices and PC, we Xbox owners finally get a chance to partake in some dino-based fun.

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Starting with choosing your dinosaur, in Path of Titans you need to decide on species, gender, colour, patterns and even the name for your ancient friend. The sheer amount of customisation is fantastic and there are even unlockable skins and patterns using the in-game currency marks.

Arriving in Xbox Game Preview form, with the free-to-play version of Path of Titans you only get the choice of four playable dinosaurs, with the rest locked behind packs that you can purchase, unlocking more. I think this is a very fair way for the developers to offer their game and doesn’t feel predatory or pay to win at any point. That said there are stronger dinosaurs available further down the line, like the Spinosaurus and T-rex that aren’t part of the free offerings available.

Once you begin you walk in Path of Titans, there is a small tutorial section in a cave that will cover all the essential in-game actions you will need in order to survive the prehistoric times ahead. Beginning as a hatchling your goal is to reach adulthood by completing various tasks, quests, and through exploration. The focus is on plain old surviving.

To survive (besides avoiding getting eaten) you must keep an eye on your dinosaur’s on-screen meters. The dino gets hungry? You need to feed. Thirst strikes while on the hunt? Better make it to that river quickly. Survival is not on the extreme side and is very easily managed, but still, you’ll want to keep an eye on how low those vital statistics are getting as you play.

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The most fun I’ve had with Path of Titans on Xbox has been through the standard multiplayer mode, roaming around and meeting other players. Multiplayer is the main option on the table, playing out as PvP. There is a solo single-player option if you want to find your feet first before heading into the main game.

In the main game, you will receive quests and completing these earns XP that boosts your growth meter. These quests can range from killing a certain number of NPC critters, to gathering berries to exploring new areas of the huge 8km by 8km map.

Playing the quests unlocks in-game currency called Marks and these are only earnable in-game via actions performed, not purchasable with real-life money. I love this method of play, especially in a time where other games have various pay-to-win currencies. Path of Titans rewards for actually playing the game.

These Marks can be used to unlock new patterns or decorations for your home cave. Most importantly they can unlock abilities like a new stronger bite or tail whip. Yep, surviving also means defending yourself when another dinosaur attacks so focusing on abilities over pretty-looking skins is the way to go here.

You may well find that Path of Titans takes a little while to click. That was the case for me, mostly as I jumped in head first with the expectation of a home hub plaza, battles happening left and right whilst people would adventure to harvest some sort of element. I was wrong, Path of Titans is as much a simulator as it is an MMO, and should be approached more like a Walking with Dinosaurs documentary rather than World of Warcraft – Dinosaur Expansion. It truly is built for enthusiasts of dinosaurs, providing a relaxing time that is perfect for players that dislike the often unfriendly for newcomer MMO games out there.

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The community has been nothing but helpful with in-game chat being a great place to find meet up points and tips on how to grow. It’s a genuine breath of fresh air from ordinarily gatekept online games that are easy to be put off by with the experienced players’ attitudes to beginners.

Being Early Access/Game Preview there are of course a few sections where some polish in scenery would be nice and a few extra NPC animals in the wilds are needed to help make Panjura feel inhabited. Roaming the lands feels quite empty on occasion as there are few NPC creatures free roaming nearby.

The graphics in terms of the dinosaurs themselves are really nice and the animations are fantastic. When going from land to water with a Spinosaur I felt like I was the apex predator of the seas – or should that be lake? For some games, I would just patrol “my” lake, swimming around fending off any potential foes that were deemed unworthy. 

Another nice touch is cross-play, and while it is no doubt best played on your Xbox on the couch, you can log in on your phone or tablet and pick up exactly where you left off on the console last time. It’s great to see a feature like this work so well in early access – even purchases are cross-buy.

The developers are supportive of the community and allow mods. Making any purchase of dinosaur packs will unlock this option and here you can download player-made dinosaurs, in-game assets and even full-blown user-made maps. It certainly is nice to see and adds endless life to Path of Titans, at least so long as the community remains strong.

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Some mods add brand new dinosaurs that appear very similar to a certain Jurassic movie franchise and are most definitely recommended for fans of that series. Running around as a Dilophosaurus or Utah Raptor is very cool, and I recommend firing on the Jurassic Park soundtrack as you play to get in the zone. 

There are currently twenty-six dinosaurs that are playable (not counting those mods), with more are on the way. Alderon Games have announced a whole new map – Gondwa – is also coming, whils the release on consoles coincides with T-rex becoming playable for the first time.

Path of Titans is a game that should be savoured and enjoyed, rather than seeing any real focus on completing dungeons and doing raids. It asks you to relax and enjoy life as a dinosaur. Sure there are quests and other game elements slapped on to provide a goal to achieve, but the single best thing about Path of Titans is getting to life the live of a dinosaur, role playing with some like-minded people.

Huge thanks go out to Alderon for providing us access to Path of Titans on Xbox. You’ll find the game available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC. The Xbox Store is your best bet for free Game Preview access. 

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