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Train Sim World is a game that continues to expand at a rather hefty old rate, and today we see another new addition arrive in the game – the Baby Bullet.

Available to purchase and download into Train Sim World on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, the Baby Bullet DLC delivers what train enthusiasts have been calling for – the addition of the Caltrain MP36PH-3C.

Priced at a cool £11.99 (£11.49 on PS4), the Train Sim World Caltrain MP36PH-3C Baby Bullet DLC requires that you have previously purchased the £24.99 Peninsula Corridor pack in order to work, but from there on out you’re sorted with a red, white and black dream.

The Caltrain MP36PH-3C first hit the tracks back in 2003, but now you can feel its power in the virtual world. Twinner with Bi-Level commuter equipment that sees it come across as perfect for the express routes, the Baby Bullet will most certainly appeal to those who see Train Sim World as an extension to their train-filled lives.

The base game will also be required – as you would expect – but with that and the Peninsula Corridor present you just need to pop over to the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store or the usual Steam page in order to grab the content. Let us know if you decide to grab it.

DLC Description:

Please note: Peninsula Corridor is required, as a separate purchase, in order to utilise the content featured in this add-on. Caltrain ordered six MP36PH-3C variants for use on its new “Baby Bullet” express commuter trains. Dressed in a red, white, and black livery and wearing road numbers 923-928, the Caltrain MP36PH-3Cs entered service in 2003 and have now worked for almost two decades on the Peninsula. Packing 3,600-horsepower and constructed to stringent crash worthiness standards, the MP36PH-3C stretches to 70-feet in length, stands 15-and-a-half feet tall, weighs in at more than 280,000 pounds – and yet manages a sleek, rather European-style visual panache. In Train Sim World, the MP36PH-3C makes its debut on the Peninsula Corridor, twinned with Bi-Level commuter equipment perfectly suited for express services through the Bay Area.

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