forza horizon 4 barrett jackson pack

The Forza gifts never stop coming and today we are seeing a new set of cars rock up onto the Forza Horizon 4 landscape, with the introduction of the Barrett-Jackson Car Pack.

You may well recognise the name of the latest DLC to hit Forza Horizon 4, and that’s because the most recent car pack to arrive in the game is the exact same one which blasted its way to the Forza Motorsport 7 grid just a couple of months back. Yep, the Barrett-Jackson Car Pack may well be full of delightful goodies, but for those sharing their gaming time across both the behemoths of the Forza world, it may well be seen as a cheap shot from the development team, providing nothing more than cars we have already seen, just in a slightly different surrounding.

The Barrett-Jackson Car Pack for Forza Horizon 4 sees the following cars added to the game, all for a £5.79 payout…

  • 1970 Barrett-Jackson Chevrolet Chevelle
  • 1975 Barrett-Jackson Ford Bronco
  • 1932 Ford Double Down
  • 1932 Ford Roadster Hula Girl
  • 1959 Atomic Punk Bubble Top
  • 1970 Barrett-Jackson Plymouth Hemi Cuda
  • 1963 Shelby Monaco King Cobra.

Of course, you’ll need the base game to hand prior to enjoying what this pack brings, but chances are that if you are reading this, you have some form of interest in motorsport and would have already thrown many an hour into the festival-fuelled madness that Forza Horizon 4 brings. Should you be sorted on that front though then a trip to the Xbox Store will see you getting access to the Barrett-Jackson Car Pack – just be aware that it may all seem a bit familiar.

But hey, if you loved what this pack brought to Forza 7, and just have to have the same cars present in FH4, then you are good to go. It just would have been nice to have seen a different set of motors present.

DLC Description:

The Barrett-Jackson Car Pack for Forza Horizon 4 features seven prized cars for you to collect, customise and drive. This pack includes the 1970 Barrett-Jackson Chevrolet Chevelle, 1975 Barrett-Jackson Ford Bronco, 1932 Ford Double Down, 1932 Ford Roadster Hula Girl, 1959 Atomic Punk Bubble Top, 1970 Barrett-Jackson Plymouth Hemi Cuda and 1963 Shelby Monaco King Cobra. Requires Forza Horizon 4 to play. Included with the Forza Horizon 4 Car Pass and Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle.

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