Does your high-tech home gaming console system allow you to play an old-fashioned game from time to time? Well… of course it does! You should consider playing some traditional casino-style games on your Xbox if you’re intrigued. Therefore, we’ll discuss two Xbox games that you can play in the casino genre within this article.

Vegas Party 

You can play poker on your Xbox, as well as a slew of other vintage games, with this ‘Vegas Party’.  Ten mini games are included in this game, as well as access to 17 different casinos. You’ll be able to play blackjack, slots, roulette, bingo, and a variety of other games. As its name suggests, it has a Las Vegas atmosphere and concept, and it’s a great game for newbies. When it comes to casino games, this one isn’t going to intimidate you. The game was published by FunBox Media in 2018 and still to this very day in 2021, this game is still being played with friends and with family, it does make a good game to play on Christmas Day. 

BlackJack X

Blackjack X is an Xbox exclusive that’s supposed to replicate the atmosphere of a genuine casino and it is also a lot of fun according to the reviews. This game has an online leaderboard which means that you’ll be able to check how your performance compares to other players as well as your friends. Blackjack X was published in 2018 and was developed by A-Z Computers. 

You’re playing against the dealer in this game, and since there are no further add-on payments required, you know you’ll have full access from the start which is fantastic. As you can tell from the name of the game, this game only allows you to play blackjack, unlike ‘Vegas Party’ which is mentioned above. 

Do you want to Play in Real Life?

For all their gimmicks, these editions for Xbox may leave you wishing for something more authentic. Therefore, with the amount of practice you had playing poker, blackjack etc that you had by playing on the Xbox, maybe you would like to play for real money and have the potential chance to profit. You can also play a wide range of casino games if you visit, all virtual gaming casinos listed will offer you fantastic odds, promotions, bonuses as well as a good welcome package to help you get started.