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Sometimes all you ever need to do is get the girl, kill the baddies, and save the entire planet, and with Door Kickers: Action Squad on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, you’ll be doing just that!

Available now on Xbox One and PS4, with a Nintendo Switch drop happening on the 28th October, Door Kickers: Action Squad delivers some proper old school side scrolling madness, giving us the chance to run through a retro world in the hope that we can rescue hostages, disarm bombs, and have a good old time doing so.

Placed into the shoes of a SWAT trooper – you know, like we used to all the time back in the day – Door Kickers: Action Squad will see you rolling out without a care in the world, before running by the seat of your pants as the action gets hot. With multiple weapons at hand, Strategic Abilities in place for when times call for it, and both online and couch cooperative options ready and willing for two mates to enjoy, Door Kickers: Action Squad looks like it’s gonna be a hell of a lot of fun.

If you agree with those thoughts and wish to show off your SWAT trooping skills then you’ll find Action Squad available right now from the usual stores. Xbox One owners should head to the Xbox Store, PS4 players will need to make their way to the PlayStation Store and Nintendo Switch gamers would do well to check out their eShop from the 28th.

Keep an eye out for our review too. It’s coming!

Game Description:

Rescue hostages, disarm bombs and save the day in this old school, side-scroller action game with retro graphics and retro sensibilities. Online and Couch Coop Included. Door Kickers: Action Squad is a crazy old school side scroller action game that puts you in the role of a SWAT trooper and sends you to deal with the bad guys in Nowhere City USA. Choose your gear, then kick the doors down and face the action. Adapt and react by the seat of your pants, and if needed – restart without a care and rethink. Master weapons recoil and time your reloads, use distance and cover to your advantage and use the in-game Strategic Abilities to decide for yourself when health packs or gear refills are needed, or if that team-mate of yours is worth saving. Or just save up the Points earned and unleash your Ultimate to waltz through that tricky final room. And when it gets too hard, bring over a friend to help.

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