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Having previously expanded to next-gen consoles, it’s safe to say that the Exclusion Zone of Chernobylite is one that has become ever more appealing. Today, with the addition of both free and paid content, traversing the Zone gets even more exciting. 

Pushed out via a free patch and update, Chernobylite players will now be treated to a more refined version of the game, as All in! Games and The Farm 51 fix up  some issues. All of the following should be found rolling out right about now to Chernobylite on Xbox and PlayStation…

  • Implemented backup data on PS4/PS5 to resolve the corrupted save issue
  • Improved overall game performance
  • [UI] Slightly increased image size and font size for better visibility
  • [UI] Added some fixes for Quick Menu
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish localization
  • Fixed audio in the final level
  • Fixed Black Stalker’s final fight dialogue
  • Fixed the blocker in the Heist level when a fast dialogue skip caused the player to not receive input after the dialogue
  • Added auto-saving on certain events—after killing a whole enemy squad, when dialogues end, and when mission loot is obtained
  • Removed unintentional death in the Ariadna device level on stepping off the path
  • Increased performance on Lenin square in Pripyat
  • Fixed chernohost sound timeline
  • Fixed save hitches—the game will no longer freeze during encounters and events on various maps
  • Fixed NPC visibility on Ariadna levels

Further to that is the addition of a couple of new DLC packs – new stuff you’ll need to pay for. 

These come in the form of the Deadly Frost and Blue Flames packs, both priced at £3.29. The Xbox Store links below will sort you out with Xbox downloads of each pack, with the Deadly Frost offering adding the opportunity for you to freeze your foes with fear. An icy blast has hit your weaponry, transforming the look of every piece. 

The Blue Flames pack does similar, but provides a cool blue glow to your hideout, adding in multiple new skins. 

If you haven’t yet experienced Chernobylite, then it’s something we highly recommend, especially now that it has come to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 with next-gen optimisation. A game that will whisk you off to the Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl, putting you up against a variety of horrors and given the opportunity to conquer your fears, if the premise or the roguelite nature appeal, you really should be on this. 

Blue Flames Pack Description:

Give your base a completely new, gloomy look with the Blue Flames content pack. Change the mood of your hideout with a wide range of skins and chill with your companions in blue, soothing light after a hard day in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. There’s something extra too—discover the rest of the Blue Flames Pack’s features yourself.

Deadly Frost Pack Description:

With the Deadly Frost weapon skin pack, you’ll walk the streets of Pripyat as a cold-blooded hunter, with any and all weapons transformed. Your enemies will be frozen with fear when they see you approaching, until the icy bite of winter dispatches them to a cold grave.

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