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Whether you are a fan of the trio since the Top Gear days, or have only just stumbled upon the antics of Clarkson, Hammond and May with Amazon’s The Grand Tour matters little – all you need to know is that with The Grand Tour Game on Xbox One and PS4, the fun never stops.

The Grand Tour Game is, as if you hadn’t already guess, a racing game based on the hit Amazon Prime Original series of The Grand Tour. Featuring the madcap antics of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, you can now strap yourself in and get involved with the same cars, at the same locations as the troublesome trio.

That also no doubt means you’ll have the same opportunity to make an absolute dog’s dinner of things too, as you watch the show and then play the game, ensuring that the fun doesn’t have to stop when the credits start rolling. A four-play split-screen multiplayer mode should ensure that fun quadruples up too.

The Grand Tour Game promises to work seamlessly with the TV show and as an episodic racer, you’ll find that new episodes of the game are released weekly during Season 3 of The Grand Tour show on Amazon. Coming complete with the humour and utter ridiculousness that The Grand Tour has fast become famous for, and featuring clips from the shows and voice acting from the hosts, if you can’t get enough of cars, need more of The Grand Tour, then The Grand Tour Game will more than suffice.

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Access to The Grand Tour Game is available right now from your favourite digital store, with the Xbox Store holding the key to all Xbox One gamer’s racing dreams. Head on over there and pick it up now and then kick back with The Grand Tour before attempting the automotive antics that each show brings for yourself! You can also grab the game on PS4.

There are plenty of great racers on Xbox One – think Forza Horizon 4, WRC 7, DiRT 4 for starters – but will The Grand Tour Game proves to be as big a hit? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

Game Description:

Ever wish you could get behind the wheel with Clarkson, Hammond, and May from The Grand Tour? Now it’s your turn! One moment you’re watching the hosts attempt some questionable automotive antics… the next you’re at the wheel yourself – same car, same location, same chance to make a massive mess of it. The Grand Tour Game is an episodic racing game from Amazon Games based on the hit Prime Original series, The Grand Tour. Featuring seamless transitions from clips of the show to gameplay, plus original voice acting from the three hosts, The Grand Tour Game is infused with the show’s trademark humour and irreverence. New episodes of The Grand Tour Game will be released weekly during Season 3 of the show, capturing cars, challenges and iconic locations, including the show’s signature Eboladrome test track. Now the fun doesn’t have to end when the show’s over—in fact, it’s just beginning.


  1. There’s all out action games, that you need to be able to drive fast if you are to evade being captured by the law for your racing antics. Games like GTA, where you can up to all sorts of mischief, nick a car and outrun the law.


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