Know much about the South Korean ‘Guilt Trilogy’? No? Well, the first two games of that triple threat have released on Xbox and PlayStation, as PLAYISM unveil the weird matters of Replica and Legal Dungeon. 

Available to purchase, download and work your way through right now are both Replica and Legal Dungeon. 

Hitting Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5, Replica and Legal Dungeon are the first and second titles from the infamous Somi ‘Guilt Trilogy’ as us gamers get the chance to peer into the world of strangers, before taking on a police experience that is pretty damn unique. 

Replica is the first of the two PLAYISM games to warrant a look. Priced at just £4.49, this is one of those ‘found phone’ games (think Simulacra) that will have you delving deep into lives of unknown folk. This phone belongs to a suspected terrorist and it’s up to you to snoop on their activities and try to uncover the truth that has been hidden away. 

A game that picked up multiple awards back in 2016 and 2017, it’s here where you’ll be left hacking into emails, images and social media channels in the hope of discovering the source of this terrorism. 

Give the trailer below a little watch in hope of understanding what exactly is going on. From there, the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store will sort you out with a download. 

legal dungeon

Accompanying Replica is Legal Dungeon – the second of the infamous trilogy (and yep, the third and final one of those, The Wake, isn’t yet with us). 

Legal Dungeon is more expensive to download, coming in at some £8.99. That’s not bank breaking cash though and so we’d go as far to say that if you’re taken in by Replica, it may well be worth a shot checking this out too. 

This one is a little different in how things work, putting you in the role of Jane Blue, a rookie lieutenant who is scouring pages and pages of statements and documents. It’s up to you to help Blue take the keywords needed in order to deliver verdicts, going deep into the dungeon as you do so. 

Again, we’d highly advise a watch of the trailer in order to give some insight into how Legal Dungeon works. 

Whether you’ve heard of the ‘Guilt Trilogy’ previously or not should matter little here. What is more important is that both games are reasonably well priced, offer up something a tad different to the norm, and should keep you enjoying those gaming sessions that lay ahead. 

Keep an eye out for some reviews from us as and when we can. In the meantime, let us know how you feel about seeing Replica and Legal Dungeon hitting Xbox and PlayStation. The comments are below. 

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