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TopLitz Productions are looking to make your dreams come true by launching the heartwarming, educational and super cute Animal Doctor to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. 

Available right now from the usual digital stores, Animal Doctor will let you join the profession, before weaving in your skills to ensure that all manner of animals are well cared for. 

Priced at £16.74 from the Xbox Store (with the game also present on the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo eShop and PC through Steam), Animal Doctor is a pretty damn unique gaming experience, one that will see you training as an intern at the best animal doctors around. this will mean you get to treat all the animals – both large and small – across a range of species taking in the most wonderful of pets, across to farm animals and into the hardcore working beasts. 

You’ll do this be venturing into the world in the first person, actioning objectives and assignments as you learn how to examine and treat a range of creatures. You’ll also have to create and administer medicines and even head out into the open world to distribute milk and cheese or spend time riding your own horse through the open fields. You see, an animal doctor’s life isn’t all work work work. 

Features include:

  • A unique adventure for the whole family, allowing you to engage fully in 1st person mode after choosing your in-game character.
  • An array of exciting assignments lies ahead where you will be tested by examining, treating, feeding and caring for a wide variety animal.
  • Special tasks will help to grow and improve your skills; providing many realistic experiences.
  • Explore, find and then collect the ingredients to help create medicines and natural remedies for your sick friends.
  • Additional experiences are available allowing you to go from riding your horse over wide fields, treating sick animals through to distributing milk and cheese to those in need.
  • The lifestyle of a working vet with a huge variety of animals to care for wait for you here. Improve your animal knowledge, learn new skills and enjoy the personal rewards these bring

We’ll be sure to get a review of Animal Doctor on Xbox your way as soon as we can. In the meantime head to your favoured store and grab a download. And check out the trailer for more info if you need to know how to wash a Dalmatian! If only my dog stood there that quietly…

Game Description:

Make your dreams come true with Animal Doctor! Would you like to spend your life caring for animals? With Animal Doctor you will be surrounded by animal friends and pets. Look after creatures large and small while you train as an intern at an animal doctor! Treat and aid the recovery of wonderful pets, farm animals and working beasts.

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