Thought you were done with the fight against the Ravenii? Think again!

Available to purchase and download right now is a new downloadable content pack that brings further opportunity for you to take the fight to the formidable Ravenii as waves of Jackals arrive on the scene.

Included as part of the Days of Dolorum Season Pass for Extinction, or now as a separate purchase for those willing to give it a little shot, is the Jackal Invasion add-on. Priced at £5.99, this ensures that your battle against the biggest beasts gaming has known will continue as waves of land-loving minions – the Jackals – swarm at you from all angles.

As one of the world’s last Sentinels, you’ll need to utilise all your skills in order to ensure that the waves of Jackals fail to take hold, fighting to save mankind and ensuring that cities are defended from great evil. Get over to the Microsoft Store right now and start the fight once more.

If you haven’t yet played Extinction and are wondering what all the fuss is about, then our full review will no doubt be able to sort you out. Make sure you hit it up.

DLC Description:

Take on waves of Jackals as the land-loving minions of the formidable Ravenii attack from all angles. This add-on is also included as part of the ‘Days of Dolorum’ Season Pass. Purchase of this additional content requires the Extinction game.

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