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When Minecraft Dungeons rolled out on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass at the end of May, there were many who commented that it wouldn’t be able to hold any kind of light to the original blockbusting behemoth. But they were wrong, and no matter what you think of Minecraft as a franchise, Minecraft Dungeons certainly delivers a decent little playthrough. Now though, that playthrough is expanding, with the addition of the Jungle Awakens DLC. If you liked the base game, you’ll most probably be in for a treat here.

Available to add into your base Minecraft Dungeons game this very minute, Jungle Awaken provides adventurers with another three new missions to enjoy. These will see you fighting to save the leafy lands, taking on a journey that is fit for only the bravest of heroes. Priced at £4.99, or available as part of the Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition (either in the bundle or through the Hero upgrade), the Jungle Awakens content will have you going up against the Leapleaf and Whisperer.

With the opportunity to restore balance to the jungle in your hands, if you are looking for another reason to fire up Minecraft Dungeons, then this DLC provides it. It just so happens that brand new pieces of weaponry, armour and artefacts will be yours as soon as you join the latest tale.

Features of Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens include:

  • Fight through 3 new missions.
  • Battle the Leapleaf and Whisperer.
  • Take on the Jungle Abomination.
  • New weapons, armour and artefacts.

To get involved with this latest DLC drop for Minecraft Dungeons, you just need to visit the usual digital store – our favourite being that of the Xbox Store. From there, splash the £4.99 required and a whole new adventure awaits. You’ll probably also find it on PS4 and Switch.

DLC Description:

As threats roar to life beneath the jungle canopies, it’s up to you to save these leafy lands. Take on new missions, battle new mobs and fight the mighty Jungle Abomination! A source of unbelievable power has crash-landed among the twisting vines of a distant, dangerous jungle. This mysterious power has spread its influence through vile vines and now new terrors bloom – such as the Leap leaf and Whisperer. Trek through three new missions that will take you to the heart of the jungle where you’ll find new weapons, armour and artefacts. This journey is meant for the bravest of heroes, for all twisted vines and paths lead to the source of corruption: the Jungle Abomination. This beast must be dealt with to restore balance to the jungle, so strike true and move swiftly.


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