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You wouldn’t think that East Berlin just before the Cold War ends would be a prime place to visit, but it’s exactly there in which Industria on Xbox and PlayStation whisks us to. 

Previously only available on PC via Steam (where it’s nabbed some serious acclaim), Industria comes to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 via the teams at Thunderful and Bleakmill as they deliver a rather surreal narrative-led first person shooter to the console masses. 

Very highly anticipated in these parts, Industria places us slap bang in Berlin, 1989 to be precise, as it deliver a surreal experience, one powered by Lynchian ideas and inspiration from the classics of decades that have gone before. 

It’s priced neatly and firmly places all main focus on the storytelling, before merging in some first person shooting, action sequences and enough fascination and intrigue to really make us want to visit old Germany. You see, 1989 East Berlin isn’t as we imagined – it’s full of  strange technological apparatuses and futuristic robots.

Playing the part of a scientist – Nora – you’ll be left to work your way through the world that Industria delivers, all as you look to hunt down a lost friend and try to uncover the mysteries that the city holds. Thankfully you’ll be armed – four firearms and a melee weapon will help you sort out what is going on. But from there, gathering up resources, taking in intel and trying to survive in the land is all at the fore of your mind. 

Key features include:

  • – Profound story: Experience a classic story-driven first-person shooter with about 4 hours of gameplay
  • – Tight atmosphere: Dive into a lovingly designed world full of mystery and lynchesque surreality
  • – Deadly danger: Enemies lurk around every corner – defend yourself with 4 different weapons
  • – Unique setting: Berlin at the time of the fall of the wall meets a surreal industrialized city
  • – Experimental soundtrack: Synthesizer, acoustic instruments and melancholic vocals

Industria is a game that came about thanks to a small team – just two people were working on this initially – but it’s one that certainly reaches heights that it possibly shouldn’t. Our full review of Industria on Xbox Series X|S will tell you more, but be known that we’ve been very impressed with what is on offer. 

“As our debut title we wanted to make something ambitious in its visuals and narrative, but also streamlined in its mechanics and experience,” said David Jungnickel, Co-Founder at Bleakmill. “After releasing the game on PC our next goal was to always to harness the power of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S and deliver the intriguing world we’ve worked so hard to create to a console audience and we’re delighted those players can finally jump in!”

You’ll find Industria over at the Xbox Store for Xbox Series X|S (£16.99), the PlayStation Store for PS5 and on Steam for PC. Go and give this one a shot. 

Game Description:

On the evening of the fall of the Berlin wall, a young woman plunges headlong into a parallel dimension to find her missing work colleague who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. While the checkpoints in East Berlin are still being overrun by crowds of people, Nora escapes from this world, into unknown layers of time and into an unknown fate.

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