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The Mobius Machine delivers a gorgeous new adventure to Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC

The Mobius Machine
The Mobius Machine on Xbox Series X|S looks gorgeous

We’re not going to hold back – we think The Mobius Machine looks flipping great. A Metroidvania styled affair, we cannot wait to navigate the perilous world it brings, especially now that it is available on Xbox. 

A gorgeous new adventure

Available today as an Xbox Series X|S exclusive – there’s no Xbox One play here – The Mobius Machine from Madruga Works (previously behind Planetbase) throws you into a fully interconnected world, a place full of the strangest of lifeforms and machines that have malfunctioned. The Mobius Machine is also on PS5 and PC.

It’s priced at £20.99, but judging by the artstyle on offer, that feels a good price. Of course, whether it holds up in terms of gameplay is up for debate, but we’ll look to review The Mobius Machine on Xbox as soon as we can. 

Drop in and you’ll find that The Mobius Machine is capable of delivering much. Whether you take to the surface or dive deep into the depths, a wickedly wild planet awaits your navigation. With paths opening up the more you progress, secrets to uncover and a ton of foes to take down, there’s not much holding this one back. 

It gets better with the gear and skills that become available, whilst blueprints will be key to ay success. 

Key features

  • Explore Seamlessly Choose your own path. Explore a complex open world, discovering it in your own way. Traverse the distinct areas in a seamless manner, with no loading screens between them.
  • Fight Combat an array of deadly adversaries: the local fauna, infected colonists, and abandoned machines that once worked in the facilities.
  • Shoot Anywhere Run and jump around while shooting in any direction using a tight control system. You can have 2 weapons equipped at any time, and use them as you need.
  • Evolve Acquire the gear that will make you more mobile and unlock new areas. Climb walls, dash, dive underwater, glide through the air and evolve the way you interact with the world.
  • Upgrade your arsenal Collect blueprints and craft new weapons and upgrades in order to fight more effectively.

Buy now!

If you’re up for a gorgeous looking adventure, then The Mobius Machine on Xbox is sure to provide it. Just remember, for it to look this good, it means it’s locked to Xbox Series X|S – you won’t be able to play on Xbox One. 

You can play on PlayStation 5 and PC if you prefer.

Let us know what you think though. Comments? Yeah, down below. 

The Mobius Machine XboxDescription

Explore an interconnected world filled with brutal lifeforms and malfunctioning machines. Find your way through abandoned facilities and perilous environments, on the surface and in the depths of this remote alien planet.

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