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The pinnacle of parkour games Hover releases next month on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch


The futuristic 3D open-world of Hover looks to have you dashing, sliding and bouncing around freely as you help a city to overcome oppression. You won’t necessarily be alone in this task either as Hover will have cross-platform multiplayer on consoles and it’s coming very soon!

Hover takes place in ECP17, a high-tech city that’s known as Hover City by its inhabitants and is located on a distant planet. The Great Admin has cut the communication with the Galactic Union in order to establish a strong dictatorship. As a result, having fun has become illegal and entertainment is banished. You’re in charge of a team of young rebels, who fight against the new anti-leisure laws that are oppressing the city. Equipped with high-tech gear allowing amazing jumps and speed, you and the rebels can roam the city to sabotage the propaganda, help citizens, and put an end to the oppression by reaching the Galactic Union.

Check out the full list of features included in Hover below:

  • An amazing City: Hover City is a huge futuristic colourful city. Its buildings offer breathtaking vertical playgrounds.
  • Astonishing moves: Slide, bounce, dash and wall-jump through Hover City thanks to your high-tech suit.
  • Online multiplayer: Join your friends online at any time and continue the adventure together, whether you are cooperating or working against them. Participate in races, events or score battles created in real time by the community.
  • Level up mechanics: Gain experience and unlock chips that improve the aptitudes of your character. You can trade your spare chips in order to get better ones through the E-Swap trading system.
  • A customizable experience: Instantly switch from single to multiplayer, whenever you want. Play first or third person or activate the auto camera that mixes both and offers you a dynamic experience.
  • A dynamic J-Pop inspired soundtrack: composed by Cedric Menendez, with the participation of Hideki Naganuma (Jet Set Radio, Yakuza series…)

Coming off the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign and a subsequent release on PC, the developers at Midgar Studio are ready for their fast-paced single-player and multiplayer parkour game to debut on consoles. There’s not too long to wait either, with Hover having a slightly staggered release on PlayStation 4 (18th Sept), Xbox One (19th Sept), and Nintendo Switch (20th Sept), featuring cross-platform play between the console players too.

Will you be rebelling against those in charge to help bring fun and freedom back to Hover City? Does anyone else think it’s like a parkour-fuelled, inter-galactic version of Footloose? Get in touch and let us know.

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