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The role of various services in MMO RPGs and the reasons for their popularity among gamers


During the period of active development of online games, many services appear that can teach you how to play a character and provide assistance in buying WoW gold and other resources.

You can get gold and resources, quality training, or clearing dungeons by professional players, where all the rewards will go to your character.

The reasons for the popularity of services

Online games are a very difficult and time-consuming process, for which not all players have the time and desire to immerse themselves in game mechanics so much.

In order to progress stably, you need to devote at least 3–4 hours a day to your favorite game, or turn to services like SkyCoach.


Gold is considered the basis of any online game, since you can always buy equipment and resources for it, pay for the services of NPCs and other players, and most importantly, everything depends on its quantity, because you can buy everything that can be transferred.

Here are the key things you need to know about gold:

  • Gold has a concept of quality – it lies in the way it is obtained.  If it was received by an honest grind, then everything is in order.  If it was mined by a bot program, or stolen, then sooner or later such gold will be seized by the game administration.
  • Gold must be transferred carefully and avoid using one-sided deals and newly created characters – these all attract the attention of the game administration and can lead to withdrawal of funds and sanctions.
  • The best ways to transfer gold are through a means of personal exchange, by buying a lot in a trading platform and a personal shop, or by means of paid mail.


A format that should help players get the right level to move on to new stages of game mechanics.

Boosting is often ordered by players in three situations:

  • It is necessary to quickly pump a new hero to change the playing role in the group.
  • A secondary character is needed for special tasks – for example, collecting resources.
  • It is necessary to make up for the gap in the level and gain the required minimum to be sent to the new update. For example, when the Dragonflight update was released in the World of Warcraft and the maximum pumping threshold increased to level 70 from 60, and in order to get the right to sail to new islands, you urgently need to get 60, for this, boosters are needed to reach the goal as quickly as possible.

Pumping takes place by transferring the account to a professional player of the service, who will perform the service and begin character development.

This format is needed in order to exclude random or special actions from the player that can interfere with or slow down the pace of the service.

In turn, Skycoach guarantees the security of personal data, does not transfer information about the character and account to third parties, and in the event of a dispute, reimburses all costs.

The execution time of the service depends on the task and as soon as the process is completed, you will receive a corresponding notification.


The training format is no less in demand in many games, in which the comfort of the game and victory depend on the understanding of all the basic mechanics and the ability to control the hero and correctly use all the skills.

You may come to want to work with a trainer if, in the middle of developing most heroes, you are faced with the fact that you cannot get the most out of the character.

You often lose in PVP, experience a shortage of equipment and gold, and do not understand which skills should be developed and in what order.

The Skycoach service trains players and entire groups for the correct interaction between themselves and just a general understanding of the gameplay.

What can you learn:

  • Understanding the game meta and the ability to adapt it to your advantage – meta, is the overall role of your class and specialization in the current update and adoption skill. For example, after the update, all the attacking abilities of mages were weakened, but you continue to be effective due to the transition to negative effects instead of direct damage. Adaptation to any situation is an understanding of the meta, but sometimes you can think about changing the playing role.
  • Analysis of all the skills of the character – The trainer will help you learn how to read the descriptions of all the skills, understand their interaction with each other and the correct and consistent use to increase the final damage. Not only attacking, but also defensive and passive skills and talents are taken into account.
  • PVP – the task of the trainer is to teach you not to be nervous during battles and to properly and timely use all your strongest skills in the right sequence. Often in a battle with equal players, those who use their strongest skills earlier, or neglect personal protection, lose, but the task of the coach is to correct your skills, capabilities and mental calmness.
  • PvE – the ability to level up and kill monsters with high quality, as well as be useful in raids – this is a direct path to a quality game and the ability to withstand most players and situations. You will be helped by quests, grind in the right and appropriate places for your race and faction, as well as the specifics of the class.

Help with raids

In order to be able to get the best legendary and epochal weapons and armor and not be engaged in crafting and not try your luck during the grind, you can go to raids.

A raid is an assault on a special time zone with powerful monsters and an enhanced boss that you need to defeat to get an increased amount of experience and random items of equipment and weapons, a level equal to the strength of the boss and the difficulty of the selected dungeon.

The subtleties and difficulties of passing raids lies in the fact that the boss has many skills aimed at killing entire groups that need to be controlled and from which you need to dodge so as not to die.

You will always depend on other players and if someone plays their part in bad faith, then you can easily fail and waste time.

The raid carry service allows you to get all the most valuable things that you can knock out from the boss and at the same time not focus on the random composition of the group, which does not always win.

By choosing a raid carry, you transfer your character to Skycoach service employees, who will take the hero to the raid, clear the area and collect rewards and experience for your character.

You just have to log into your account, view all the rewards.

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