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Love what Artifex Mundi have provided the gaming world over the recent months and years? Need to take in a brand new Hidden Object adventure to pass the time? The Secret Order: Shadow Breach is now available on Xbox One.

Coming from the masters of the Hidden Object genre, The Secret Order: Shadow Breach on Xbox One is the latest title to rock up onto Xbox One thanks to Artifex Mundi, following on from the likes of Modern Tales: Age of Invention and Queen’s Quest 3: The End of Dawn to provide gamers with another relaxing affair.

Priced at £12.49 – and with a free trial available should you prefer to take a look prior to dropping the cash – The Secret Order sees you joining Sarah Pennington, one of the most influential agents available. From there Sarah’s adventure will see you attempting to uncover the hidden secrets of a long forgotten mystery, utilising your investigation skills to find success.

There promises to be plenty of dark secrets hidden away in Shadow Breach but with your help, Sarah could quite possibly be the one to prove once and for all that the world is a safe place again.

If you have previously loved what Artifex have provided with their games, or just need to settle back with a controller in hand, then heading to the Xbox Store and paying up the required cash will see you sorted. If you do give it a go let us know your thoughts The comments section is below.

Game Description:

There are dark secrets that have an annoying tendency to crawl back into the light, escaping oblivion. But there is also Sarah Pennington, the most skilled agent of the ever-watching Secret Order, who is there to face them. Join Sarah, a member of the order of the griffins, in her biggest and most challenging adventure. The mysterious dragon clan has unearthed an item of a past long forgotten and now the mystery hidden within this relic threatens to devour the world as we know it. As Sarah, you will have to stop this monstrous incursion with your wit and the help of your fellow agents. Your investigation will take you to distant places, both in space and time, to discover the origin of this adversity. Prove once again that the world is safe, while the order of the griffins is on the watch.

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