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I wouldn’t call myself a horror aficionado, but even I am aware that there is a bit of a buzz around upcoming horror title MADiSON. Fans have been left salivating after each trailer released so far, but fans may need a cloth for this next piece of news: We have a release date for MADiSON on Xbox Series X|S, Playstation and PC.

The exact date? 24th June 2022.

If you have yet to board the proverbial hype train for this impressive looking horror game, let me welcome you onboard. This first-person title has you waking up in a strange room with blood on your hands, and your sister and mother murdered.

Now, you must uncover the truth and clear your name. With gameplay similar to Fatal Frame/Project Zero you must use a camera to connect between the human world and whatever is beyond. This camera, however, just so happens to be possessed. But at least it is an instant camera, giving you terrifying Polaroid moments almost straight away. So, swings and roundabouts?

You are also tortured and tormented by the ghost of an evil murderer known as MADiSON who will do all manner of nasty things to you in this psychological horror title. Can you solve the puzzles, explore and find the answers you need, but most importantly, survive this nightmare?

The new trailer below confirms two things: The release date and this is very much a horror title. Check it out below:

Pre-orders are not yet live for MADiSON but we also know of some DLC heading your way on launch day. The Possessed Camera DLC will contain several different skins for the camera that you will spend much of your time holding. It is only right then that you have options for how it looks. This will also be available on 24th June, priced at £1.69.

Unlike the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch releases, the Xbox Series X|S release will be digital only. There will also not be an Xbox One release.

That said though, this is shaping up to be an instant horror classic. Let us know in the comments below if you will be picking this one up. Stay tune to TheXboxHub and Bloodious Games Twitter page for all the latest MADiSON news.

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