Minion Masters’ Frost Dragon’s Lair DLC  Xbox

Minion Masters is a fun card-based strategy game that has steadily been released DLC since it released back in 2019. Forget all that though, as that cost money. This latest DLC is 100% free. The Frost Dragon’s Lair DLC for Minion Masters is available now on Xbox and PC.

Giving you everything you need to build your own Stoutheart deck, the Frost Dragon’s Lair looks to be a great introduction for newcomers to this free-to-play game. The full line-up of what is included is:

  • 3x Scott the Sensitive Savage (SaltyBarbarian) (Legendary)
  • 5x Mountain Gale (Supreme)
  • 20x Log Tosser (HighlandLogger)
  • 40x Frostfeathers (Owl)
  • 40x Woodsman
  • 5x Power Tokens (Get 5 extra random surprises)
  • 3x Season Pass Tiers

The Stoutheart people are known as being party animals and this deck is no exception. Place two Stoutheart minions in close proximity of each other to trigger the Revelry mechanic; watch as they look out for each other and back each other up as the fight continues. The Mountain Gales included in this pack can help speed the Southearts up, meaning they can watch each other’s backs even quicker.

If all that wasn’t enough, this DLC grants three tiers on the latest Season Pass and five Power Tokens for five random surprises when you cash them in in-game.

Did we mention this DLC is free? Grab the Dragon’s Lair DLC from the Xbox Store now! Tell your friends as well, or at least beat them for a few games with your new loot. And then when they ask where you got it from, then tell them it was free DLC. At least enjoy it while you can.

Game description

Frost Dragon’s Lair DLC is a great +300% value bundle that gives you what you need to build your own Stoutheart deck, including the legendary Scott the Sensitive Savage! It also gives you a headstart in this month’s Season Pass. Stoutheart love to fight almost as much as they love to party. Play two Stoutheart minions close to each other to trigger the Revelry mechanic, and the fun-loving mountain folk will back each other up in various ways! You can even use Mountain Gale to speed up your Stouthearts and gain more Revelry while your Frostfeathers swoop in and slow down your opponents. With this Master Box, you have the perfect Stoutheart kit to become Chief of the Stouthearts!

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