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Petula Clark once sang about how you could forget all your troubles, and put to one side all your cares, and that is exactly what the latest Cities: Skylines content will allow you the chance to do, as the opportunity arises to go Downtown.

Since launch on Xbox One way back in the early months of 2017, Cities: Skylines has continually pushed the boundaries, moving in DLC packs at a rather astonishing rate to ensure that gamers wishing to build the cities of their dreams have the tools to do so. Today, following on from the recent Campus expansion, we now find new packs in place, all centred around the bright lights of downtown.

Working with three different pack options, should you be looking to take the next step in the land of Cities: Skylines then you’ll most probably be very interested in seeing what is on offer.

The Content Creator Pack: Modern City Center for £4.19, and the Downtown Radio addition for £3.29. Taking the former first, and we find the latest Content Creator Pack coming about via modder Jason “AmiPolizeiFunk” Ditmars. This add-on delivers no less than 39 unique models to the game, featuring new modern commercial wall-to-wall buildings as often found in the most high-end City Centers. This is also the first pack to include semi-transparent glass barriers and awnings, allowing both modders and veteran builders alike to create amazing new cities.

This is however complemented well by the latest radio station – Downtown Radio. Priced at £3.29, you’ll be able to kick back and relax to some of the smoothest tunes in town, with Downtown Radio providing your one-stop-shop for modern lounge music in Cities: Skylines. 16 new songs in total are in place via this station, with original songs coming along with a rather retro twist. If you’re looking for a relaxing time then DJ Troy Anderson will happily takes you through nearly an hour of new songs.

Each of these packs are obtainable right now from the usual digital stores, with the links above whisking you off to the Xbox Store. But if you find yourself fully at one with what Cities: Skylines delivers and you’ve just got to have all of the latest gear then you’ll find both of the Downtown Radio and Modern City Center packs available in a Downtown Bundle for £6.69. You’ll also find the content available on PS4 and PC too.

Further to the latest DLC drop, if you haven’t yet played Cities: Skylines then you should get the chance this coming weekend when the game is pushed out for free. Exact details and timings as follows:

  • Play For Free Weekend
  • Steam – Nov. 7, 10:00 AM PST – Nov. 11, 10:00 AM PST
  • Xbox One – Nov. 7, 12:01 AM PST – Nov. 10, 11:59 PM PST

Just remember, things will be great will you go Downtown.


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