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Love the universe of This Is The Police but always wanted more? Rebel Cops is here and this turn-based tactics stealth experience will provide a whole new look at the world within.

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC right now is Rebel Cops. Coming from the teams at THQ Nordic and Weappy, Rebel Cops is set in the This Is the Police universe, as you take charge of a squad of ex-police officers who have been united by a desire to take down their town’s new criminal overlord.

Running as a spin-off to the brilliant This Is The Police and This Is The Police 2, we see the focus turn to the turn-based stealth-styled gameplay that it brings, as we get the opportunity to fight authority and bring the power back to the people.

Promising to deliver unforgiving combat and vast levels to explore, whether you were a fan of what was delivered previously with This Is The Police or are coming in fresh, the draw of loot collection and an utter lack of forgiveness may well be of appeal to many. Our upcoming full review of Rebel Cops on Xbox One should be able to provide the finer details though so make sure you keep a beady eye out for it.

Key features of Rebel Cops include:

  • Fight the corrupt authority: After criminal mastermind Viktor Zuev took over the town of Ripton, you and your fellow police officers have gone rogue to do what must be done. Perform tactical turn-based missions to undermine Zuev’s allies and bring the power back to the people.
  • No hitpoints, no forgiveness: You are outmanned and outgunned. Use stealth tactics and cover to approach the enemy quietly and take them down before they can raise any alarms. There are no health bars in Rebel Cops! Once shot, your officers will bleed out unless you act fast to save them.
  • Explore, loot, and watch your back: Rebel Cops features a large number of scenarios, from compact operations to big, open-ended locations to explore. Build up your street cred in Ripton by helping out local folks in side missions and get rewarded for exploring the levels thoroughly.
  • Take the high moral road – or not: Justice must be served, but it’s up to you to choose how that happens. Will you play by Zuev’s merciless rules? Will you help the desperate townspeople, even if it means putting your operation at risk? In Rebel Cops, your reputation will affect your team’s morale and even the merchants’ prices.

Sold? Thought you may be. All you need to do now is head on over to the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo eShop or the usual PC offering to get a download of Rebel Cops moving on your favoured platform. It’ll set you back £8.39.

Make sure you check out the announcement and release trailers of Rebel Cops too.

Game Description:

Rebel Cops is a spin-off game from This Is the Police, which exclusively features the series’ turned-based tactical operations. Lead a rag-tag squad of cops in rebellion against their town’s new criminal power, and see how long you can hold out when you’re constantly short on supplies, and a single shot can cost a cop his life. – You’re not exactly the police, but you’re the only ones on the side of justice – Gunfights are thrilling, but stealth is key – Explore, scavenge, and watch your back – Take the high road, or the low road

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