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In the market for a new turn-based strategy shooter? Lemnis Gate has today been unveiled for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Attempting to disrupt the past in order to change the future, Frontier Foundry and Ratloop Games Canada’s strategy shooter Lemnis Gate will challenge players to think differently about time travel when it launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in early 2021.

Unveiled during Opening Night Live, Lemnis Gate promises to be an exciting turn-based combat strategy shooter with revolutionary four-dimensional gameplay as the second title published under Frontier Foundry, the newly founded Frontier-owned games label dedicated to championing diverse games from around the world.

Developed by Ratloop Games Canada, Lemnis Gate tasks players with defeating opponents in brain-bending 1v1 and 2v2 arena matches. Players have 25 seconds to execute an action, be it blasting an enemy, manoeuvring an operative, or setting up their next move. After all players have taken turns, the next 25-second round begins.

Five rounds will be in place in total, giving rise to a near endless variety of incredible and creative plays and throughout you’ll be able to set up ambushes, fix past mistakes, and develop unbeatable game plans to out-think and outwit adversaries. By using non-linear logic, abstract thinking, and outlandish manoeuvres, no two battles are ever the same. Past, present, and future collide.

Not only does Lemnis Gate’s mind-melting time loop mechanic breathe new life into the first-person-shooter genre, it also changes the very concept of teamwork through an innovative feature called ‘auto co-op’. This gives one player control of five deep space operatives, effectively enabling two players to duke it out in bustling, ten-character matches. Auto co-op shines in couch-based multiplayer, redefining both collaboration and competition as pad-passing players’ face-off with friends or work together by taking the hot-seat.

As you can see, there will be countless possibilities and endless outcomes present and this turn-based strategy shooter subverts one of the world’s most popular genres, challenging players to throw out the rule book as they exploit time itself in this ultimate cognitive test.

You can wishlist Lemnis Gate on Steam right now, and you can take in the unveil trailer right down below. If you’re looking for something that promises to see mental and physical warfare merge, are ready to execute audacious strategies, master your hero’s abilities, and think several moves ahead to achieve a victory that reverberates across time itself, then you’ll want to keep you eyes on the prize with this development tale.

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