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Tiny Troopers: Global Ops Review


Coming from developers Epiphany Games and publishers Wired Productions comes a new entry in the Tiny Troopers series of games. I have to admit, this series has completely passed me by, but I can report that it is perfectly possible to play Global Ops without any back story. 

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First off we will take a look at the presentation of Tiny Troopers: Global Ops, and the news here is good and bad. 

The graphics work very well, with the camera positioned above and to the side, like in a Diablo game, fixed so you can’t rotate it. The visuals for our heroes – and for the enemies – are pretty good, with an almost super deformed kind of art style to them, whilst the guns that everyone wields seem to be bigger than their bodies. From there, the levels that we take part in, through a mission structure, are nicely designed too, even if it isn’t always clear which way we are supposed to be going. 

The visuals get a decent tick next to them, as do the sound effects. There are plaintive cries as you perforate an enemy, gunfire, explosions and everything you would expect of a Tiny Troopers game all being bang on. What is a lot less successful is the narration over the cutscenes, with the worst delivery of some of the lamest puns I have heard since the last time I did a best man’s speech. The gags are painful, the voice overs are oddly stilted, and the performances are nothing to write home about, especially the character of Geordie who is never quite sure which northern city she is from…

Story? Well, there is a bit of one I suppose, and it is this: we are a new recruit in the Tiny Troopers, given a series of locations to go to and missions to complete. The first level is set in the Middle East, the second in a rainforest, possibly in Africa, and so on and so forth. Each mission is set up with more toe curlingly awful puns and acting, and then we are free to go and solve any problem by shooting lots of things. Sounds fairly straightforward, yeah? Well, that’s because it is all very, very simple. 

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So, how does the game play, I hear you ask? Well, pretty good, in all honesty. At its core, Tiny Troopers: Global Ops is a very simple twin stick shooter. You know the score by now – the left stick moves your character, the right stick chooses where they will aim, and then RT makes the guns go bang. It is actually very dumbed down indeed, and as long as your stick is pointed to the same postcode as the enemies that you want to aim at, you’ll find that the aiming reticle will snap to a foe and let you fill them full of holes. Some enemies take more bullets, some have shields, some throw grenades, but it all very straightforward. And luckily, the combat works very well, with a nice dodge move allowing you to get out of the way of inconvenient explosions and so on. As you level up, more and more options will become available to you. 

Yes, as you begin as a brand new baby Tiny Trooper, you are sent on missions with a pistol and a bad attitude, and that is pretty much it. As you defeat foes, complete objectives and pick up various medals and dog tags that are scattered around the place, your score will rise, and we all know what points make. Yep, even more EXP! This EXP can be used to rank your soldier up, giving them access to better basic weaponry, as an example, or even unlocking things like med kits to be dropped in to you, or air strikes, or any number of cool abilities. The EXP can also be spent on your AI partner (if you are playing solo) to increase their chances of not only surviving but doing more damage as well. The skill tree, for want of a better word, is split into four sections, with sections for your guy’s level, the skills they can use, primary and secondary weapons, all of which can be upgraded and swapped around as you wish. 

Playing solo is all well and good (and honestly, the AI companion is pretty much useless) but the real action is in Tiny Troopers: Global Ops’ multiplayer mode. Yes, if you have up to three like-minded friends and a surfeit of controllers, you can play couch co-op and lay waste to the enemies alone, or you can go online into the scary cross platform interweb and play with strangers. One of these options works pretty well, having drafted my son in to assist, but the online world isn’t bustling sadly; finding a match is near impossible with no connections available. 

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Tiny Troopers: Global Ops is a fun little shooter but it isn’t going to set the world on fire. Playing with a local bunch of mates can be pretty good fun, but if you are looking to go online, you should know that it is as dead as the proverbial Dodo.

If you like a twin stick shooter, there’s a lot to like with Tiny Troopers: Global Ops, but if your tolerance for duff puns is low, you have been warned!

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