So the Titanfall Beta has been very revealing already and now someone has discovered the possible max rank level and what happens when you reach it. Of course until Respawn confirms these things we won’t know for sure if it’s completely factual.

That’s right, Neogaf user RazorUK has found even more information from the code of the Beta, and it’s safe to say he’s on a bit of a roll. Apparently the max level on Titanfall will be 50 and I could see many reaching that within a few days of solid playing but fear not, there’s more. Much like the CoD series allows you to rise up through the Prestige ranks, Titanfall will let you do basically the same however under the Generation name.

Once you reach level 50, the decision is yours to relinquish all experience and all unlocks in return for another run through the ranks. In total there have been 10 Generations found, which means if you want to go through them all, be prepared to level up 500 times. That’ll be some accomplishment.


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