Since the early days of Fusion Frenzy, dedicated console users wait for the long-awaited sequels to come out. They’ve even transitioned to watching movies and music on their device by downloading additional apps like Blu-Ray and Spotify.

Still, the vast majority of Xbox enthusiasts are there for the games. In 2020, players awaited the third installment of mega-popular Resident Evil, the breathtaking design of Ori and the Will of the Wisps, strategy-heavy shooters like Gears Tactics, and Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077.

This past year has seen a variety of recent trends either pick up or decline in relationship to Xbox gaming. While microtransactions continue to frustrate console and mobile gamers alike, mini-games seem to be popular. Meanwhile, more and more adults are finding a genuine interest in Minecraft

As more platforms take off, hoping to share in gaming’s market some $120 billion worth, from the rise of live streaming to Bytedance, let’s inspect what excited Xbox diehards in 2020.

Social Trends

As generations shift, so do trends surrounding video games. At the moment, around 25% of all gamers identify as Gen Xers, which means the video game warriors who grew up with the first iterations of franchises and consoles (like Madden or the Nintendo) will need a fresh start to be relevant to millennials, who now comprise 48% of gamers worldwide.

This means innovation like that seen with Cyberpunk 2077 (narrative and crossover appeal) and Ori and the Will of the Wisps (RPG in a richly designed fantasy setting) are likely to continue. Crossovers, like Keanu Reeves’ appearance in Cyberpunk 2077, are expected to gain steam in the realm of sports simulation games as well.

Currently, 83% of people living in the Middle East and Africa identify as gamers. As these gamers grow and pursue careers in video game design and development in hotspots like Turkey, Nigeria, and the Arab World, the games themselves will evolve to include storylines and structures that reflect African and Middle Eastern cultures.

Hidden Objects & Minigames

As aforementioned, mini-games are a major trend across console, PC, and mobile games. One major part of the mini-game (and micro-transaction) trend is casino mini-games. From GTA’s Casino Diamond Heist to Red Dead Redemption 2, casino-themed side quests are the rage.

However, given the popularity and availability of real-money sites like Otto Kasino that offer a full suite of games, the casino mini-game may be a short-lived trend for Xbox players. After all, anyone serious about gaming will not improve their skills simulating a vault break-in.

For the time being, mini-games will probably remain popular, though their affiliation with micro-transactions (especially in a mobile setting) is likely to decline. For Xbox diehards, this isn’t a problem.

Anyone looking for a break from their standard action knows to check the ‘New Games’ section. There, visual novels to lifestyle sims are available. Currently, hidden object games are gaining momentum with users interested in testing their attention to detail while dipping a toe into casual gaming.

Minecraft… For Adults

As the most popular video game in the world, more than a handful of adults have been onto Minecraft since its 2009 release. Since then, the game has gained an unstoppable following amongst young demographics.

To the average Xbox gamer, Minecraft may be regarded as a pop culture phenomenon, if not a nuisance for those dedicated to battering through games like Ninja Gaiden or Hunt: Showdown. Still, for better or for worse, Minecraft is here to stay, and it’s becoming popular amongst adults.

Described as a ‘cross between a Lego set and a fantasy adventure’, the game took off in 2020 due to an increase in time spent alone at home. Multi-player features meant that newcomers to video games could partner with friends remotely to tackle missions in a fun, lighthearted series.