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Train Sim World 4 passes into Italy with stunning new Bernina Line


Train Sim World 4 Italy
Train Sim World 4 goes to Italy

Fancy taking a little trip to Italy? Train Sim World 4 is ready to take you there with the introduction of the new Train Sim World 4: Berninalinie: Tirano – Ospizio Bernina Route Add-On. 

Available right now for Train Sim World 4 players to involve themselves in is the new Berninalinie: Tirano – Ospizio Bernina Route Add-On. This signals the first time the Train Sim World series has taken us to Italy, with a new iconic Alpine railway route. 

Priced at £29.99 from the Xbox Store and playable with the base game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, the Berninalinie: Tirano – Ospizio Bernina route first opened way back in 1908. A single track, metre-guage line, it worms its way up into the mountains, providing glorious views and scenery. 

Italy calling

Tackling gradients that move up to some 7%, in Train Sim World 4: Berninalinie: Tirano – Ospizio Bernina you’ll be found yourself up against some of the steepest routes in the adhesion railway world. Are you ready to conquer them?

This new route is one you won’t want to miss. It extends from the Italian town of Tirano, starting at 429m above sea level before heading up to the highest point of the line at Ospizio Bernina. That is in Switzerland at a height of 2253m.

Like the Vorarlberg route found in the base game of Train Sim World 4, this continues the theme of border crossings and introduces the first Italian rails into the franchise. Along the way, you’ll discover twists and turns, as it winds up the gradients, first looping back on itself via the Brusio Spiral Viaduct before passing by the Lago di Poschiavo and traversing a number of tight turns prior to the summit.

And beyond the impressive natural landscape, trains head through towns with some street running and custom road traffic stops for each passing train.

What will you be using?

Making the steady climb up to Ospizio Bernina is the ABe 8/12 Allegra EMU. This is operated by the Rhaetian Railway or RhB. It was first introduced in 2009, and the dual voltage EMU holds the speed record for metre-gauge railways, clocking 139 km/h (86 mph) during a test run on another railway in 2009.

The in-game Allegra features fully implemented passenger announcements in English, Italian and German. That is similar to what was found in the ScotRail Express Add-on previously There are also unique collectibles to find, including Italian Pizza and distinct Alpine Hats!

If you have a copy of Train Sim World 4 in your library, fill your boots with the new Berninaline: Tirano – Ospizio Bernina route. You’ll find it on all the usual digital stores for around £29.99. 

Train Sim World 4 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

DLC Description

Stretching across the top of the Swiss Bernina Pass making a daring path along the sides of mountains, the Berninalinie ranks among the highest railways in Europe, and the World’s steepest, bearing down or steadily climbing 7% (1:14) gradients.

Packed with detail, the picturesque Swiss Alps tower over this metre-gauge spectacle, from the hairpin turns and tunnels of Alp Grüm, to the unmistakable Brusio Spiral Viaduct.

Take on the role of an RhB driver for the Berninalinie, at the helm of the ABe 8/12 Allegra EMU. Operate passenger services with this 3-car unit, but with the additional ability to haul additional passenger coaches behind it, and even freight!

Whether you’re rolling through the streets of Italy, or dancing up the faces of Swiss mountains, an incredible experience awaits with Rivet Games’ Berninalinie: Tirano – Ospizio Bernina in Train Sim World 4!

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