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Not experienced the hair-tearing Trials Fusion yet? You could do worse than pick up the Deluxe Edition on Xbox One.

Available now as a digital download on Xbox One, Trials Fusion – Deluxe Edition brings the full game and the Season Pass to our next gen console in one big bundle and all for a rather decent £29.99.

That’ll mean you get full access to the main game plus all six downloadable content packs (three of which; Riders of the Rustlands, Empire of the Sky and Welcome to the Abyss are already out), bringing you new gear, new items and most importantly, new tracks!

Game Description:

Get the Deluxe Edition now, including the full game and the Season Pass! Add some craziness to your game through additional content! The Season Pass provides you 1 year of additional content and includes 6 DLCs before May 2015. Get the Season Pass to receive all 6 DLCs, featuring new tracks, new bike parts, rider gear, and new items for the track editor, and each DLC will let you enjoy a new Career Mode Event. On top of this, the Season Pass also includes one exclusive item: the Crater Hazmat Suite! Stand out in the Trials Fusion universe and get the respect of your peers with this new and exclusive skin for your rider. Please note: If you purchase the Season Pass, do not also purchase the standalone DLC Packs, as you will be charged for them. Last of the 6 DLC Packs expected to be available before 1st May 2015.

Make your way to the Xbox One Games Store in order to download Trials Fusion – Deluxe Edition now.



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