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Trials Fusion Riders of the Rustlands Review


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There’s no debating that if you’re after a frustrating, yet highly rewarding game, then Trials Fusion on Xbox One should be right up at the top of your purchase list.

And now, with the first of six DLC segments available, those ‘oh yes’ moments will rise once again.

But is Riders of the Rustlands a worthwhile addition? Or will you be slamming that controller down in pain once more?

Trials Fusion is all about the bling. Set in a futuristic world that sparkles and shines like no other, you can’t move without noticing the perfection in the world. But every city has a dark side and that’s exactly where our riders will be heading within Riders of the Rustlands. Set outside of the city in the industrial wastelands, riders in the Rustlands are there with two things in mind….having fun and pulling crazy tricks off!


And thankfully there is plenty of opportunity to pull off those crazy stunts as the Rustlands comes with 8 new tracks. Split over three medium races, two hard and one extreme (only for the foolhardy in my eyes), there is also one FMX track available for you to show off your tricks and a skill game that is quite possibly the finest skill game available so far in Fusion.

The three medium difficulty courses are the bread and butter of the Rustlands. ‘Hornet’s Nest’, ‘Junkyard Funk’ and indeed ‘Rags to Riches’ all play out fairly easily and once you’ve hit them a few times with a decent bike choice, can all be completed with a fairly substantial medal haul. Similarly, the FMX track ‘The Gauntlet’ gives you the chance to show those sick stunts to the world in a level filled to the brim with fire, exploding barrels and the biggest of big loops. There’s plenty of space on offer for you to rack up the entertainment points and bag at least a gold medal for your troubles.

And then the final ‘medium’ difficulty level on offer in the DLC comes in the form of a skill game that sees you traversing broken trees, ramps and numerous seesaws in an attempt to get as far along the course as you can in one minute only. You’ll find yourself hitting that reset button time and time again in your quest for distance and bragging rights over your friends, but it’s stupidly addictive and is the exact thing you need in a good content pack.

Once you’re done with the medium tracks, you’ll find there’s another 30% of the content on offer to you, but this is where things get a little trickier. The two hard courses, ‘Gone to Waste’ and ‘Whiteout’ are just that, hard. Stupidly hard in my opinion and far too difficult for a fairly average Trials player to even move 10 yards on. Keep this in mind because unless you’re right up there with some of the best in the world, these two tracks will either be a source of high frustration or will just be a pipedream. The same will go for the only extreme track found in the Rustlands, Devil’s Break. I’d love to tell you more about this beast of a course but the plain fact of the matter is I’m not skilled enough to even get it unlocked.

All the usual medal options from the main Fusion game are present and so are the now standard three mini challenges that RedLynx have set you on each course. These bring a new sense of adventure to the game and if you are one of those struggling with the harder varieties of track, at least the extra challenges keep the medium levels enjoyable and bring a decent amount of replayability to the game.


Overall, Riders of the Rustlands is an enjoyable first piece of content for Trials Fusion. Whilst 30% of the DLC is basically unavailable to any but the greatest riders, there’s still just about enough on offer, and with a fairly competitive price to boot, to definitely think about picking it up…..even if it’s just for the superb mini game alone.

Season Pass holders will of course have full access to the Rustlands already and shouldn’t hesitate in checking it out.

Just make sure you pick the right bike for the trial in front of you!

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Neil Watton
Neil Wattonhttps://www.thexboxhub.com/
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