hunting simulator 2 beretta weapon pack

Finding yourself outwitted by those pesky ducks and just can’t put a halt to the little bunnies? You’re going to be in need of the latest weapons pack to hit Hunting Simulator 2 – the Beretta pack.

We may not wish to glorify the hunt, but even we know that the Beretta name is one of the more iconic in the world, with you safe in the knowledge that if you go out equipped with a Beretta in hand, you’ll be successful in your hunt. If you have found yourself struggling to bring home the goods in Hunting Simulator 2 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch or PC, then you’re now in luck.

The Hunting Simulator 2 Beretta Weapon Pack is now available to purchase and download into the base game of Hunting Simulator – and it promises to allow your skills to come to the fore, perfect for hunting the smallest of game. Priced at £4.19, the Beretta Weapon Pack includes now less than 7 Beretta options, giving you the chance to take the shotgun to match your style. And as you would expect to hear, the renowned Berreta performance should come as standard in each.

So what do you get for your £4.19? Well, the Beretta pack includes all of the following guns…

  • • 686 Silver Pigeon I
  • • 695
  • • A400 Upland
  • • A400 Xtreme PLUS True Timber DRT
  • • A400 Xtreme Plus Mossy Oak Bottomland
  • • A400 Xtreme Plus Synthetic
  • • A400 Xtreme Plus Max 5

If you have a copy of the base game of Hunting Simulator 2 to hand and are looking to see progress made in game, then you should at the very least be considering a purchase of the Beretta Weapon Pack. The usual digital stores will sort you out – with our favourite being that of the Xbox Store.

DLC Description:

Beretta is the oldest firearms manufacturer in the world. Renowned for their reliability and performance, Beretta firearms are used by all the top hunters. This weapons pack includes 7 Beretta shotguns for hunting small game, such as ducks and rabbits. These shotguns are designed for hunters looking for guaranteed performance with Beretta’s renowned craftsmanship. With incredible ballistic performance and unmatched reliability, they are essential firearms in the gunrack of all the top hunters.

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