World of Warcraft is an MMORPG game that was released in 2004 and is still booming. An older generation of players remembers it as an old and legendary work that warms the soul with the next launch. If you do not pay attention to the very primitive graphics that have been preserved since the release of the game, then there is something for less experienced gamers to entertain themselves: visit dungeons, raid bosses, trade with other players personally or through a special in-game auction service. True, there is one small problem – not all of these mechanics are available from the very beginning of the game. To open more and more new places and opportunities, you need to increase the level of the character, and this is quite difficult to do. Fortunately, the game has been around for many years, so diligent players have long found many ways to speed up this boring process. Let’s consider some of them.

There are two warring factions in the game, which depend on the character’s race and have little effect on the game’s progression. For both of them, their own ways of gaining experience have already been compiled; on many Internet resources you can find a huge amount of information from text articles to videos. These “paths” vary depending on the level and affiliation of the character, but over time, closer to the maximum level, almost the entire process is the same for everyone. You can either run through the dungeons yourself and kill enemies, or secure outside help by seeking various types of boosting services. Naturally, you will need to pay in any case, the only difference is with what: you can spend either your time or money to level up.

Let’s say you’re playing in a group with two to five friends. In this case, it is most beneficial for you to clear the dungeons on your own, since you can both pick up various equipment during the run and keep it for yourself, albeit sharing it with friends, which is very important, and spend less time to get the experience you deserve. If you play alone, then these adventures will definitely cause you difficulties, especially if you are new to this game. For such people, there is best WoW power leveling service where they are ready to guide you through everything you need for a fee, leaving all the loot and other valuables for you to make use of once you reach the maximum level. The fees can be either in in-game or real currency, which is what the game devs monitor in the first place. If you are “caught by the hand”, then you are likely to be punished. The boosting service providers are quite good at being discreet, though, but the risk is still there. Whether to take such a risk is up to you.

In addition to all of the above, the game has items that speed up the gaining of experience and the passage of dungeons. There are various buffs that give a bonus directly to the experience gained, equipment items that speed up movement, and finally, the buffs from temporary in-game events. All this can be combined in order to make this tedious process easier, but you can usually only benefit from one buff at any given time. The use of several identical items at once, does not impose stacking bonuses. Returning to World of Warcraft again and again with the release of new add-ons, you understand: whatever the developers come up with, the players will study it inside and out and come up with the most efficient way to do it.