The past couple of weeks have seen some incredible offers available for Xbox owners by way of the Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains. Even though it may not offer the same spectacular deals every week, there is always something to shout about when the offers come rolling in and with that in mind it’s time for us to dive into the discounts available in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 13th-19th March 2018. Which are the best and worst offers on the table? This lot are worth thinking about…

GrabSeasons After Fall – 75% off – £4.00

If platformers are your thing then Seasons After Fall is certainly the bargain of the week for you.

Playing the role of a fox, you’ll find yourself taking on a mix of platforming and puzzle solving, all of which is done within the confines of a magical and mysterious forest which can be changed by the player to experience each of the four seasons at will.

Seasons After Fall is a visual masterpiece and whilst it’s not the hardest game available, with players physically unable to die or lose, it is certainly a great game for those wanting to relax within a beautiful setting to enjoy some casual platforming.

For £4 this is by far the best deal you’ll find available this week and if you’ve yet to add this classic adventure to your collection, we suggest you head on down to the Microsoft Store now.

TempterCandleman30% off – £8.39

Candleman is a fantastic game, there’s no doubt about it. Should you be paying just over eight pounds for it? Well that we’re not so sure about.

The idea of each level is simple – you play the role of Candleman and your goal is to make it to the end whilst lighting all the candles along the way, and without burning all of the fiery protagonist in the process. It’s not exactly the most challenging game on the market however it does bring a unique experience for those wanting something a little different.

With a few more levels you’d probably find us recommending the current price, however even with the free DLC expansion Candleman is an overly short experience that can be mastered in just a couple of hours. Unless you’re desperate to get your hands on the adventures of Candleman, then you’d probably be best waiting until the price drops to the £5 range.

LeaveFarming Simulator 15: Complete Edition – 75% off – £8.00

Farming games have blown up in recent years to the point that it seems rare to not see a new one released in any given month. That said, finding one that realistically recreates the farming experience is still something we are yet to see on Xbox One.

Farming Simulator is the most recognisable one out of the bunch but if you thought your £8 would be well spent then stop, put your wallet away and wipe the sweat of your brow as you’ve just had a near miss. Farming Simulator 15 isn’t very good at all.

Should you be looking for a game that brings bugs, crashes and an overly disappointing farming experience then you’re set, but if you want a fully realised farming sim you’re best off waiting to see just who can make one first. With Pure Farming 2018 now arriving in stores it may be worth seeing if that can make the grain before laying your cash down on this week’s cheapest Farming Simulator.

So, there we have it, another week of Xbox Live Deals With Gold discounts and our thoughts on which ones you should look to avoid and which are deserving of your hard earned cash. Is there a particular deal you find yourself tempted by this week? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels and don’t forget to head on over to CDkeys to grab some of their super cheap Xbox Live Credit to help spread the costs a little further.

For a full list of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight sales, check out our full article that covers everything on offer by following the link below.

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 13th-19th March 2018


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