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Which of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? – 2nd January 2018


2018 is in full swing and the bargains found in 2017 are ready to be left in the long distant past. You see, today we see a whole new Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight sale hit home and the discounts offered to Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers between the 2nd-8th January 2018 are pretty decent. But which are the best? And which are the worst? We take a look at those games on sale this week.

GrabGod of Light Remastered – £4.19

Mobile games on console get a hard time. You see, there are many gamers out there who will dismiss a game right off the bat, without ever giving it a fair crack of the whip. Unless something comes with a triple A budget attached, then an uphill battle is already being fought, especially if that small indie title can be played for free on mobile devices.

But the indie scene on Xbox One is live and kicking, and helping push that along are numerous ‘mobile’ games – one of which is God of Light Remastered.

A nifty little puzzler that sees you helping out the game’s mascot, Shiny, in order to open up the Source of Light so that a level can be completed, you’ll be left utilising prisms, mirrors, splitters, black holes and more in your quest. And a decent puzzler it is, ensuring you are left with a good couple of hours of ‘light’ enjoyment.

And all for just £4. God of Light Remastered may not be free, but you won’t find it much cheaper on Xbox One.

GrabTime Recoil – £6.71

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for 10tons. The indie developer has gone from strength to strength on Xbox One, and with Time Recoil, they have created a game that took everything they previously knew, and added depth and character to proceedings.

It is for that reason you should be checking it out at the current reduced price.

But what is Time Recoil? Well, it’s a game that mixes bits of Hotline Miami, Mr. Shifty and the brilliant SUPERHOT, to create a neat looking title that sees slowdown at its core. With tons of levels, plenty of challenge and the option to go into things either in a slow and steady, or hard and fast fashion.

Just go and buy it will ya! And whilst you’re there, make sure you check out the rest of 10tons’ back catalogue.

LeaveRedout Lightspeed Edition – £21.43

No matter what you say, anti-gravity racers will always find themselves up against the likes of WipeOut. And Redout Lightspeed Edition is most definitely a game that ends up in that court.

With Career, Quick Race, Split-Screen and Online options bringing the variety (although the latter is pretty damn dead already), you could well be left wondering why Redout is here in the ‘leave’ section. But if truth be told, the initial high price that the game comes with, hasn’t in any way been lowered enough to make it stand out in this week’s Deals With Gold sale.

And that’s a shame, because even though Redout isn’t up there with the very best anti-grav racers, and comes with control and precision issues, if the price was brought down another notch or two, then it could well have been one to tempt racers in.

But as it is, over £20 – IN THE SALE REMEMBER! – is too high a price to pay. Just hold on tight and wait until you can grab Redout for a tenner.


Don’t forget, if you’re wishing to save even more cash on your games then we advise you give the team at CDKeys a little nudge. Their cheap Xbox Live Credit will ensure your money goes a bit further.

For the full list of Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 2nd-8th January 2018, then make sure you hit up this article. We’d love to know what you decide to pick up too – let us know in the comments down below.

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 2nd-8th Jan 2018

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