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Christmas is finally over and with 2017’s arrival marking another year for big releases, many are looking ahead to the gaming calendar in anticipation of their most desired titles, but we know the wait to get your hands on that next big game can be a long one, so you need something to tide you over. So, let’s take a look at this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold to see if they hold a bargain to keep you occupied. Here are the best and worst deals currently on offer…

GrabThe Telltale Games Collection – 67% off – £23.10

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Ahh, Telltale, with these guys there is almost nothing they can do wrong. With some fantastic games offering some of the best stories available with multiple choices for you to choose from, it seems anyone who’s a fan of the interactive story has been sent the way of Telltale by now, and with five different titles in one bundle for less than a fiver each, you’d have to be crazy to turn down that offer right? Definitely one to pickup if you wallet is feeling a little less hard done by after the Christmas and New Year festivities.

GrabZombie Driver Ultimate Edition – 69% off – £3.96

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Looking for something a little cheaper? It was all those beers wasn’t it, well not to worry, this week sees the cracking indie title Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition on a great deal. Zombie Driver puts the player in control of a Death Race style contraption of their choice before unleashing endless hordes of the undead for you to mow down and decimate until you fall to your impending demise. With pickups along the way offering new weapons as well as health pickups to keep your little zed slayer going a little longer, and addictive one more go gameplay that will see you wanting to best the leaderboard, Zombie Driver has everything to offer several hours of fun and for such a small price what is there to lose? – Definitely grab this one.

GrabThe Long Dark (Game Preview) – 50% off – £8.00


Whilst it may still be in development, The Long Dark has come a long way since joining the preview program, and with its full release not far off and an already fantastic game available, this is a game that is only going to get better as time goes on. The Long Dark pits players against the wilderness, man vs nature, and tasks you with surviving, nothing more and nothing less. But with resources proving hard to come by, and the cold setting in, only the best will be able to harness the minimal supplies to ensure they survive the night. Whilst the price of £8 may seem a little much for a game that isn’t finished yet, you can be sure when it finally arrives in our store as a finished product the price will only soar. Definitely one to stick your money down for.

LeaveAssetto Corsa – 33% off – £26.79

assetto 5

After being one of the PC’s most successful simulators you would have expected Assetto Corsa to be an instant hit with the console community, but with different bugs and glitches on show and some truly horrible handling as well as A.I that proved horrendously difficult even on the easiest settings, it seems Assetto Corsa should have stuck to its maiden platform. With plenty of quality racing games out there already such as Project Cars and the popular Forza series, as well as this year’s iteration of F1, there is enough on offer to ensure you can fill that desire for pedal to the mettle, bumper to bumper racing. You should probably leave this one.

So, there we have it, this week’s best and worst offers within Xbox Live’s Deals With Gold. Do you agree with our choices? Let us know in the comments below and by getting in touch via our usual social channels, and don’t forget to pick up some super cheap Xbox Live credit from CDKeys before you pick up any of this week’s offers to ensure your money stretches that little further.

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