Fortnite is one of the most popular games out there and for that reason it is no surprise that it is one of the first in line to receive a next-gen upgrade. Those buying the new Xbox Series consoles will be able to take advantage of this almost straight away, with the next-gen update available straight away on day of release. 

What are the Next Gen Upgrades for Fortnite? 

We have seen a whole host of upgrades already mentioned which will take place on the day of release for the Xbox Series, and there could be more to come in the future. A look at the new features shows some fantastic graphic updates that will only enhance the experience that users have.

Here is a look at what you can expect to see when you upgrade your copy of Fortnite. 

4k Resolution 60 FPS (Series X Only)

You will be able to play Fortnite like you have never played before thanks to the upgrades in resolution on the Series X. It is important to note that the best experience will come on the Series X, the Series S model will have a slightly lower experience, but still an upgrade. 

1080P Resolution 60 FPS (Series S Only)

Those who buy a Series S console get an upgrade, though it is not quite as big a jump as the Series X one. Here we see 1080P resolution on 60 FPS to give players a boost on what they are playing on their old console. Most, but not all, of the visual enhancements will be supported by the Series S. 

Dynamic Visuals & Physics (Series X Only)

This is something else that we see confined to Series X only. When upgraded you should experience a far more interactive world with more responsiveness on the screen. This will see the likes of nearby trees and grass responding to explosions, while fluids will also move a lot better on the screen and we have an all-new storm and cloud effect. 

Quicker Access

We have seen a huge boost in loading performance which is great to see, this has been significantly upgraded. This comes as a result of improving texture loading, but also the start-up itself has been made much quicker, so you will experience less time hanging around waiting to play and more time diving into the action. 

Enhanced Split Screen Gaming

When playing with another player on the same console with a split screen, the quality used to suffer a little and this was something that gamers notice. Although it doesn’t affect too many people, it is something that we will see improved on the new Xbox series consoles. Split screen now supports 60 FPS which should dramatically enhance the experience for those playing alongside someone else on one console.

Will We See Another Update?

This is certainly possible, the new update for Fortnite players on the new console was described as being a next-gen update on day one, not as being the only next-gen update. 

It will be an area of focus for those who play a lot on the game, especially those who play it competitively in the world of e-sports. These changes enhance the game for us, but they will be a culture change and a shock for those who play the game on a daily basis and competitively. 

The eSports industry will need to be aware of this, as there are competitions with prize money and even betting on the big events taking place as people use new customer offers to place their wagers.

Are There Any Negatives to This?

The bad news here is that all of the good news to come out from the next-gen update is not good. An element of the game will be missing for those who upgrade their version of Fortnite. 

A technical issue means that tournaments are not currently available to play on any next-gen console, including the Xbox Series. Of course, this is a big part of the game and the hope is that this can be rectified as soon as possible, to prevent any backlash. 

The hope for developers would have been to see a smooth transition, lots of people updating their game and many positive reviews surrounding the new features that are in place. However, some of that is going to be overshadowed now, which is disappointing to see and something that we hope is rectified very soon so that players can enjoy the full force of this game and the new updates.