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There’s another Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale currently going down. Which bargains do we recommend? Well, it’s a bit of a struggle this week!

We can’t cover up the fact that this weeks Deals With Gold sale is by far the weakest that we’ve seen in 2015. We may only be 6 weeks or so into the year but all previous weeks have seen a number of decent bargains that each and every Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamer should jump on.

That said, there is still a certain little something that you can splash the cash on in the next seven days and that is…

Geometry Wars 3 – Discounted to £9.37 on Xbox One and £8.03 on Xbox 360.

Since the original Xbox released there is one series that we always hark back to as one of the most addictive in the history of Microsoft’s box of tricks. That series? Geometry Wars.

The first one was a major part of our original Xbox life, seeing us spend many an hour trying to get the highest score possible in an attempt to beat our friends scores. The second was no different and now, on Xbox One, Geometry Wars 3 brings the addiction to the fore once more.

With a mammoth single player campaign which brings both flat and full 3D’d playspaces, you’ll instantly get the buzz that the very best fast, fluid twin stick shooters bring. With 3 stars on offer for each level,  and numerous ‘Drone’ and ‘Super’ upgrades for less than a tenner, it’s really very much a no brainer whether to get involved or not.

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And that’s not even including the superb, and completely independent local co-op mode which gives you another shed load of levels to battle your way through.

Admittedly, the online multiplayer isn’t the best and it would have been nice to see an online cooperative saga run alongside the local stuff but even without that Geometry Wars 3 is a must buy…especially if you have a few friends leaderboard scores to beat!

You can read our full Xbox One review of Geometry Wars 3 right here, and check out the entire sale here, but make sure you pick it up and let’s hope next weeks Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale is a little better!

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