Bet you thought all you had to worry about this week were the numerous new game announcements and trailers showing previously unseen footage eh? Well, you’d be wrong as even though E3 is rocking on regardless, the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale is continuing to deliver bargains galore to Xbox gamers. But what are the very best and very worst of the deals on the table between the 12th-18th June 2018? We take a little look.

Grab – 2Dark – Usually £23.99 now £4.00

The numerous discounts available for all manner of The Division goodies most definitely steal the limelight from the smaller games on offer this week, but it is indeed one of those smaller titles that stands out amongst the rest – if only because the price reduction is rather considerable.

2Dark isn’t the very best game you are ever going to play, coming across as a bit of a game of two halves, with an excellent attention to detail constantly fighting against some major heavy handedness, but should you be looking for something a little different for a super cheap price, the £4.00 on offer shouldn’t be ignored.

The real question shouldn’t be whether 2Dark is a bargain, it’s whether you have the guts to jump headlong into a grim journey of stealth and courage. For £4.00, you may as well give it a go.

Tempter – WRC Collection – Usually £74.99 now £30.00

Yeah I know, the WRC Collection is £30. But if you’re a racing fan – especially preferring the Rally discipline – then it is a bit of a no-brainer because you’ll want to get involved with WRC.

And with the Collection delivering WRC5, WRC6 and WRC7, plus a ton of extra DLC bits and bobs to make those experiences even better still, you really should at least be considering a purchase.

Cheaper would be great, especially seeing as the first game included is available in Xbox Game Pass, but if you don’t own any of the games and need a bit of a rally fix, then you can’t go wrong with the WRC Collection and the savings delivered this week.

Leave – RUGBY 18 – Usually £44.99 now £18.99

Rugby games have always been hit with a bit of negativity, what with them never managing to replicate the sport in the same way as the football titles out there. And it is for that reason you’ll do well to ignore RUGBY 18 and the price cut it comes with.

Attempting to recreate the joy of try scoring or the thrill of the scrum, if truth be known, RUGBY 18 will only really appeal to the die-hard rugby fans out there – and chances are they would have snapped up this game on release.

Whether they are still playing it or not though is most certainly up for debate, as the gameplay itself doesn’t particularly lend itself to lengthy sessions.


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For the full list of discounts available in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 12th-18th June 2018 then check out this article. And make sure you let us know what you decide to pick up by posting in the comments below.

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