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The Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 2nd-8th June 2015 has been detailed and it’s full of discounts for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. But there are far too many for the average gamer to get their head around so let us take a look at the best, and the worst of the offers on the table this week.

If we ignore the coin packs for NBA, then there are definitely some interesting deals to be had. That said, there are also a few that should be given a very wide berth. The following being the standouts…

Grab – Costume Quest 2 – 60% off – £4.80 on Xbox One and £4.79 on Xbox 360

The original costume quest was very well received and so it was with great pleasure that we found Double Fine adding a whole host of improvements for its sequel. For the most part, they work very well indeed and so if you had taken in the first game and are now looking for something equally fun, then jump on board with Costume Quest 2. 60% off on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 means that now is the time!

Wren and Reynold are waiting.

Grab – Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux – both 50% off – £8.00 each – Xbox One

So we’re not looking at £8 for the two games, but with a 50% discount on both Redux titles, you really should be getting involved. There is little point in grabbing just the one, because believe us when we say once you’ve played through and enjoyed 2033, you’ll most definitely want to get involved in Last Light as well.

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They may not be full on new generation titles, but the overhaul that Metro saw with its release onto Xbox One is a superb one, with many hours of gameplay to be had from both titles.

If you’re looking for a new tense shooter, then grab them now. Both of em!

Leave – Shape Up Gold Edition – 40% off – £35.99 – Xbox One

Seriously? £35 for Shape Up? Okay, the Gold edition may well include the Season Pass and the game overall may just cost the same as a month long gym membership, but why on earth you would want to settle down and pump away to Shape Up on Xbox One when the infinitely better (and less tacky), Xbox Fitness is available then we’ll never know.

Halve the price again and we may just think about taking a look. Possibly.

Grab – Tekken 6 – 75% off – £2.99 – Xbox 360

This is what the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale should be all about. Super cheap games!

Tekken 6 may be getting on (it’s near on four years old now) and may not bring the gore associated with the Mortal Kombat series, but whilst 360 owners wait for the much promised MKX to drop on their system, for £2.99 Tekken 6 will scratch the fighting itch.

Leave – FIFA 15 – 60% off – £19.99

We love FIFA 15 but for everything good about the Tekken 6 price, the opposite can be said for the FIFA sale. It may be a full on price cut that is also available to Silver members, but FIFA 15 is coming to the end of its life cycle and we really should be seeing a bigger drop in price. 75% would have been the absolute minimum required for us to hype the worlds greatest football game to the masses, but with the Xbox One version now available in the EA Access Vault for next to nothing, then the price on offer for 360 owners just isn’t tempting.

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So, that’s it for another week. Do you agree with our choices? Anything we missed out? What will you be grabbing from the current Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale? You can check out the full discounts right here but let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on the usual social media channels.



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