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The latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale is up and running. Whilst the majority of the sales in place for this week come from the Xbox Ultimate Sale, there are still a few bargains worth taking note of in the Deals With Gold version. But which are they, and which should you avoid like the plague?

Grab – Mutant Blobs Attack – 60% off – £2.55 – Xbox 360

From the outside, Mutant Blobs Attack doesn’t look particularly promising, but jump in with a controller and you’ll be left amazed at what is to come.

In fact, Mutant Blobs Attack is so good, it is one of our favourite XBLA games ever, taking home the coveted 5/5 rating when we reviewed it this time last year. With creative, intelligent puzzles paying homage to games from both the past and present throughout, if you are after a puzzler that will keep you busy for a little while, then we fully recommend Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.

For £2.55, we’ve looking at something in no-brainer territory.

Leave – Destiny Expansion Pass – 25% off – £26.24 – Xbox One and Xbox 360

We’re not telling you to ignore Destiny. No matter what anyone says, it’s still one of the best games you can play from the last few months. But the Expansion Pass is just still too expensive for us to even attempt to justify, even with a 25% price cut.

It’s obviously cheaper than buying Expansion I: The Dark Below and Expansion II: House of Wolves as separate purchases, but we reckon you should be holding off for a bigger discount…something in the region of 50% perhaps!?

Grab – The Bridge – 60% off – £2.70 – Xbox 360

Yeh, yeh, it’s another puzzler and yet again it’s on Xbox 360. But The Bridge is something that should most definitely be experienced at least once. Think Isaac Newton crossed with the design frills of  M. C. Escher, bringing some of the trickiest logic puzzlers you’re likely to see on our beloved 360’s.

With 48 levels, a Braid style rewind system ensuring that death is never a possibility and some of the most enchanting of visuals, then for the £2.70 price tag, we assure you that The Bridge will bring you many many hours…of both frustration and joy!

You can check out the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale listing for 7th-13th July 2015 right here.

We’ll be letting you know our thoughts on the Xbox Ultimate Games Sale pretty soon too!

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