Bargains are great but there are times when some discounts are better than others. That is most definitely the case with the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 4th-10th September 2018, as whilst a decent number of Xbox titles have been discounted down to more than reasonable levels, there are still a few that really aren’t worth touching. So which are the best of the cut-price Xbox games available this week, and which are the worst? We take a look.

Grab – PAC-MAN 256 – £2.00

Yeah it may usually be just £4 to download, but this is one of the best Pac experiences money can buy and for the next week or so 256 is just £2.00. That is an absolute bargain.

An endless chomper that delivers a maze that just keeps on giving, the sole aim of PAC-MAN 256 is to make your way round the maze, moving as far forward as possible. Munching down on power pills and taking down ghosts is obviously a huge part of the draw, but if ever there were a game that was focused on leaderboard bragging rights, this is it.

The question is, can you beat our high scores? Get your £2 download in and you’ll possibly be able to find out.

Grab – Knee Deep – £3.60

When you think of Wales Interactive, you think of immersive FMV experiences. Knee Deep isn’t one of those.

Instead it will drop you into the Florida based world of Cypress Knee to find yourself taking part in a rather wonderful crime thriller. Your choices really do matter in Knee Deep and as you go about investigating the clues behind a suicide, will discover that your begin to take centre stage and slowly reveal the true story behind the conspiracy at hand.

Knee Deep currently comes with a rather hefty saving, and whilst I could happily spend time pushing you towards a full price £11.99 purchase, that just means this current discount is even more of a no-brainer.

If you wish to experience a magical reality then Knee Deep will provide it.

Tempter – Little Nightmares: Complete Edition – £9.60

I’d like to be sitting here urging you to purchase the complete edition of Little Nightmares immediately, but as it stands, it just can’t compete with the likes of Pac and Knee Deep.

What you will find should you take the plunge with the £9.60 price point though is a puzzling horror of the very highest quality, as you take young Six, and then later on, the Runaway Kid, on a journey like nothing else.

A dark tale that sees you needing to confront your childhood fears, Little Nightmares is a bit of a stunner. If you haven’t yet taken it in and find yourself with a few quid sitting spare, then you could do a whole load worse.

Leave – DRAGON BALL FighterZ – Ultimate Edition – £51.25

I don’t care who you are, I don’t care how much you earn, I don’t care what content is included and I don’t care how much love you have for a franchise. £100+ for a game is just outrageous and that means the rather tasty 50% off Dragon Ball FighterZ Ultimate Edition only just about brings the game into reasonable realms.

See, I can’t sit here and complain too much about FighterZ, for what it does it does very well, bringing a fantastic Dragon Ball fighting experience to fans around the globe. But I can complain about that price and even though we are currently seeing the UE available for ‘just’ £51.25, you really do have to be the world’s biggest fan to be able to see that as a bargain.

Dragon Ball fans would have snapped up FighterZ long ago so if you are sitting there on the fence, just hold tight a bit longer until the price is lower still.

So there we have our thoughts regarding the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 4th-10th September 2018… what do you think? Make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments below and as always, if you wish to check out the full list of cut-price titles for this week, hit up this article.

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