Console gaming has experienced amazing growth in the past few years. Nowadays, just about anyone can get access to a console to play games. However, there are some games that are not available on consoles, such as CS:GO.

CS:GO is one of Valve Corporation’s biggest hits and has a huge following among gamers. The only thing we need to say is that every year the game organizes big tournaments with thousands of viewers. To be more precise, for example, PGL Major Stockholm 2021 managed to reach 2.74 million viewers. 

The Reasons That the Gaming Industry Managed to Grow So Much

It is easy to understand that the gaming industry has grown rapidly in recent years. This growth is due to many things, such as the development of graphics, the amazing new games, the entrance of gambling in eSports and much more.

Most importantly, the gambling industry’s entry into eSports has been one of the biggest successes in recent years. The possibility to bet on eSports games is one of the main reasons for the growth of the gaming industry. For example, the ability to use online betting platforms for CSGO match betting created a whole new fan base for the game.

In addition to the arrival of gambling, the evolution that graphics and hardware in general have taken in the last 10 years has also made gaming incredible. Graphics have never been as realistic as they are today, and that’s one of the reasons why so many new people are entering the world of gaming.

Of course, the ability to play online with other gamers and the goal that a lot of gamers have, to play on big tournaments is also one of the reasons for gaming popularity these days. 

CS:GO on Consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 

Perhaps many people do not remember that CS:GO was originally released also for PS3 and Xbox 360, but in fact Valve had released CS:GO on both consoles back in 2012.

The developers of CS:GO had big plans for the console version of the game, but after less than a year, they stopped updating that version. The company has never officially commented on why CS:GO was discontinued as a project for consoles.

At the same time, the game gained many new players on PC and its popularity increased rapidly. Over the following 8 years, CS:GO managed to become one of the most popular PC titles among gamers, with thousands of players.

However, many players in the CS:GO community believe that the game would become even more popular if it was released on the current consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Will There Ever be a CS:GO on Consoles? 

It’s hard to say, because the developers never mentioned anything that could mean they have plans for a console version. However, the continued growth in the number of console gamers worldwide could be the reason that will turn this around.

We might never see a CS:GO console version, but we certainly hope that Valve will surprise its fans at some point. For now, you can only play the game on the PC version, which continues being extremely popular among the gaming community.